Caring in Nursing Essay

  • Caring And Diversity In Nursing

    Nursing is a profession that ensures excellence through the incorporation of both the creative art, and the science of nursing. Nursing as a community has a commitment to deliver compassionate, holistic care to all patients in a competent, ethical, and caring manner. Caring and empathy are fundamental qualities of the nursing profession, that characterize concern and consideration for the whole person, the commitment to the common good, and the outreach to those who are vulnerable. The nursing metaparadigm includes four basic concepts; the target of care: the individual, the external influences on the target: the environment, the goal of the care: health, and the care itself: nursing. In regard to nursing an individual could refer to a single…

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  • Definition Of Caring In Nursing

    What is caring? In any health care profession caring is an important concept, but what does it really mean to care? Opinions on the meaning of caring vary depending on the person and the situation. It seems that most people think of caring differently than nurses do, and nurses think of caring differently than other healthcare workers. Which arises another question, is caring in nursing different than other healthcare disciplines? What does it mean to care as a nurse? Why is caring important in…

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  • Caring Roles Of Nursing Essay

    The Caring Roles of Nursing Missy Foster NUR 360 Mississippi University for Women The Caring Roles of Nursing In order to look at evidence-base practice and how it can benefit healthcare, an understanding must be made. What is evidence-based practice? Evidence-base practice is basically research conducted through quality improvement results, expert opinion and other data/polls conducted to show best methods of improvement in how care is rendered. It essentially is used to close…

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  • Caring In Nursing Case Study

    Caring in Nursing Practice Caring is a central component of nursing practice (Burtson & Stichler, 2010). Research on the concept of caring in nursing has shown that there is a strong correlation between caring and patient satisfaction (Burtson & Stichler, 2010). Furthermore, a lack of caring can have devastating consequences such as suffering, or even death due to negligence (Oosthuizen & Devente, 2010). Because caring is such an important aspect of quality care, nurses should maintain…

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  • The Nursing Theory: The Transpersonal Caring Theory

    The second key concept that is vital to the theory is the transpersonal caring relationship. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary (2015) the term transpersonal is defined as “extending or going beyond the personal or individual or of, relating to, or being psychology or psychotherapy concerned especially with esoteric mental experience that goes beyond the usual limits of ego and personality”. Thus, Watson explores relationships that are built upon connections with others that are based…

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  • Importance Of Quality Caring In Nursing Practice

    Quality Caring in Nursing Practice Tameco Martin University of West Georgia Role of the Caring Health Professional Nursing 6102 “Give me a new nurse! I don’t want her back in my room!” As a charge nurse on my unit I occasionally hear these statements from patients. They are usually followed by “she has an attitude”, or “she doesn’t care”. Working in a community hospital where most of the patients are underprivileged, or homeless, is a challenge to say the least. By the time a…

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  • The Significance Of Nursing Theorists: The Principle Of Caring

    The Significance of Nursing Theorists The Principle of Caring The principle of delivering compassionate, quality care is vital to a patient’s overall healthcare status. Patients and families are under extreme stress in the healthcare environment dealing with unfamiliar surroundings, determinants of health, personal dilemmas, notwithstanding possible family dynamics (Ahtisham, & Jacoline, 2015). Since nurses spend much of their time with patients and families, they have a major impact on patient…

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  • Caring In Nursing Education Case Study

    East University is a private school in Arlington, Virginia. Established in 1967 by a group of health professionals and military leaders. The Delta school of nursing offers traditional baccalaureate, accelerated baccalaureate, Masters of Science (MSN), and doctorate degrees. The Delta school of nursing hired 5 experienced associate professors in addition to 20 faculty members for undergraduate and graduate programs. Therefore, current student body of 150 will increase to 200. The students…

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  • An Evolutionary Concept Analysis Of Caring In Nursing

    Evolutionary Concept Analysis of Caring Tammy Michelle James Grand Canyon University An Evolutionary Concept Analysis of Caring Caring is considered a core concept in nursing as a practice discipline. Every individual has their own perception of caring. Nurses are often associated with caring because they support, comfort, and help the patient recover to the best of their ability (Brilowskig A. & Wendler M. C.). The nurses have experiences that deal with a wide variety of situations that can…

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  • Boykin And Schoenhofer's Theory Of Nursing As Caring

    During the 1970’s, nursing theory went through a substantial era of development, which contributes to the growth of nursing (Alligood, 2014, p. 7). Also, nursing theory is a valuable part of today’s value-based setting, therefore, it must be wholly recognized to see the full value of nursing care. “It requires the rich and continued development of the discipline where there is a body of knowledge that is uniquely recognized as nursing” (Nickitas & Frederickson, 2015, p. 190). In other words,…

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