Caring Moment In Nursing

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By considering the needs of an individual as a whole, a caring nurse can honor the unique perception of health and healing that each patient requires. Those who care for others selflessly do so because of a sincere desire to help and improve the well being of those they come in contact with. A caring moment can be a turning point for both nurse and patient when the nurse chooses to be fully present in the moment, open to the other person without judgment and willing to be compassionate. Nurses lift those up whom have no will to stand. Nurses encourage, laugh, and cry with patients and their families. With the aid of Jean Watson’s Caring Theory, Marian Turkel and Marilyn Ray’s Creating a Caring Practice Environment Through Self-renewal, …show more content…
They are compassion, competence, confidence, conscience, commitment and comportment (Roach 1994). The nurse in this situation did show compassion by accepting hugs from the family and caring for their loved one. She was competent by use of therapeutic interventions for the family and the patient. The nurse gained confidence of the family by be there with answers and directing them to those who had answers if she didn’t. The conscience and commitment were maintained because of the knowledge of the extent of the situation and the wishes of the family were given to the nurse to carry out. Comportment is the self awareness the nurse has for herself. A professional display to the family in language, behavior and dress that relays caring conduct is mandatory to make the family and patient feel comfortable and to want to have a trusting relationship (Roach 1994). This self-awareness can have a negative or positive impact on others.
Boykin and Schoenhofer believes a person should be cared for as an entire person not the illness they have (2001). Individuals are whole and complete in the moment means that our physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects will joint together as one and also on a holistic level (Boykin and Schoenhofer, 2001). The nursing situation with Shawn did mirror this form of caring. Shawn had his face wiped with a warm washcloth, vaseline was applied to his lips and a prayer was said for him. Shawn was repositioned and his hair was brushed out of his face. He was treated with dignity and

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