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  • Augustine's Ideal State Analysis

    with the ideal state achieving those ends. The means of achieving those ends are not as important. A monarchy would be the preferable style of government. Augustine does not disapprove of democracy or aristocracy. A monarchy most resembles the relationship people have with God. A monarch is single ruler with great prestige and importance, that similar to how the church teaches about God. It would help with state legitimacy and reinforce the idea of God's role in the world. The institutions of the state will have no power of matters that concern the church. The church will play a important part of society as a separate entity from the state. The state would support the church but not interfere. The church will have considerable power in the religious and spiritual aspects of people's lives. In Augustine state the leaders of the state would be Christians. The selection of who will lead depends on what the style of government is. The leaders however must be Christians. If a monarchy the monarch would be hereditary selection, however the royal family should maintain a image that they are representatives of God. Doing God's work would be central to legitimizing…

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  • Excerpts From Augustine: The City Of God And The City Of God

    Augustine’s belief that prosperous earthly cities such as the United States are not like the City of God supports an accurate illustration of a proper Christian understanding of “dual citizenship”. The United States is not an example of the City of God because of its lack of upholding Christian values. In “Excerpts from Augustine’s City of God”, Augustine displays the values of the two cities of “dual citizenship”: the City of God and the City of Man. He explains the faulty beliefs of the City…

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  • Church Attendance Research Paper

    The purpose of this review is to look at some of the issues that involved the Impact of Low Attendance at Church. This is a short review and not a complete study. This literature comes from the ATU Library. The search criteria used , The Continuing Relevance of Fami8ly Income for Religious Participation: U.S. White Catholic Church Attendance In the Late 20th Century , Decline in Female Happiness in the United State, After the Fall: The Impact of Government Regulation on Church Attendance in…

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  • Case Study Of The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance System

    B. USDA/FNS--what? The USDA/FNS has been mentioned a few times through this point. You may have questions as to what they do. Here is an overview of what they do. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a fully federally funded program through the United Stated Department of Agriculture/Food and Nutrition Service (USDA/FNS). SNAP is administered through each state under the policies prescribed by FNS. In other words, they are directly responsible for making sure that SNAP (and…

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  • Eva Bellin Comparative Perspective Summary

    There are a variety of factors that can explain why this is the case. There is a lack or presence of civil society, the state controls the economy, the people are disadvantaged, the location of the Middle East and North Africa is disadvantageous for democracy, and the culture of the region can impact the government (Bellin 2004, 139-141). In The Robustness of Authoritarianism in the Middle East: Exceptionalism in Comparative Perspective Eva Bellin argues that these factors are not enough and…

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  • Innovation And Diffusion Model: Policy Analysis

    competition, and coercion. The simplest explanation of policy innovation is the act of learning, where states learn about other alternatives being practiced by other states (Berry & Berry, 2014). By augmenting their political knowledge, other policy makers are inspired to incorporate some changes into their own state. Exploring polices for inspiration however takes time and effort, forcing policymakers to take short cuts by narrowing their attention to neighboring jurisdictions or choosing to…

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  • Domestic Violence Outline

    Thesis In most reported cases there is not enough information or knowledge of the detail events, violent and sexual crimes against children occurring while in state custody. Much of these findings are due to an extreme lack of supervision, oversight, inadequate documentation and/or follow ups. Outline I. Introduction A. Why isn 't policy and procedure enforced in our state agency? To protect the most vulnerable of our society from violent and sexual attacks from those who have sworn to…

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  • Examples Of Diversity In The Giver

    LITERARY ESSAY “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities,” -- Stephen Covey. Stephen Covey is a famous lifestyle author and has explained in his quote that diversity creates strong societies, whereas sameness makes weak societies. Societies are better when the people are all unique because of the different attributes contributed. With sameness, there is no variety and no change and no growth. Having a community with identical citizens is like a sagging chain link, but with…

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  • Level Of Nervousness In The Oklahoma Board Of Education

    The state that I was born in has established a process to determine the level of knowledge gained during a school year. The Oklahoma Board of Education has a requirement that every student take standardized tests at the end of each school year. These sets of tests are commonly called “EOI.” EOI stands for End of Instruction test that are supposed to determine the level of knowledge gain on the corresponding academic level on a yearly basis. Also the test is a means for the state to…

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  • Frisvold's Paper

    Firstly, comparisons are made between the schools above and below the SBP thresholds across states. This is done with the use of data obtained from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Secondly, there is some use of regression data which is utilised to assess the cognitive achievement of children. This is where the students entitled to free and reduced-price (FRP) meals fall just under the required threshold compared to those in schools just above it. The findings obtained…

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