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  • Adrienne Rich Feminist Analysis

    Written by Adrienne Rich in 1972, “When We Dead Awaken: Writing As Re-Vision” is a classic feminist text. Based loosely around a discussion of a major theme in the Ibsen work of the same title, Rich postulates that women are for the first time truly awakening into the full consciousness of their beings. this slow movement towards awareness, culminating in her essay, can be organized, through three texts, as an evolution of the ideas surrounding that journey. Three writers from this course can be categorized as feminist writers - or rather, “proto”-feminist writers. When viewed together, these texts can illustrate a sort of timeline of development described in Rich’s essay. Mary Wollstonecraft, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Margaret Fuller wrote their works within a hundred year span - beginning with “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” (in 1792), reaching its zenith in 1843, with the broadly titled “Woman in the 20th Century”, and venturing into more individualized territory with “The Yellow Wallpaper” (1892). Each work fits into the feminist narrative, some more comfortably than others. However, all three contain important contributions to the birth of feminist ideals that are directly referenced in Rich’s work. Wollstonecraft’s text “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” is not, when viewed through a modern lens, an entirely feminist work. While this functions, for our purposes, as the starting point of the feminine awakening, some problematic rationalization makes this an…

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  • Adrienne Rich Speech Analysis

    After carefully evaluating the speech spoken by Adrienne Rich, it was apparent that she argued for women to stand up and take control of their education instead of just tolerating it. She presents this speech to an audience of women at a women’s only institution in 1977, resulting in her speech mainly focusing on women who were academically discriminated to their belief. During her speech she desires her audience to be assertive and to strive for self-respect to help women universally, which…

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  • Symbolism In Diving Into The Wreck By Adrienne Rich

    Adrienne Rich 's piece, “Diving into the Wreck” published in 1973 takes readers on a journey to the seemingly complex pits of the ocean to view a vividly described shipwreck (McKay, “Adrienne Rich”). Rich paints a picture of her mysterious journey to the shipwreck and forces the audience to take a closer look at what the shipwreck as well as her overall journey are truly symbolizing. Adrienne Rich effortlessly includes several elements and vehicles of poetry within her piece such as imagery,…

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  • Adrienne Rich Claitt An Education Analysis

    Responsibility over your education Claiming an education is easier said than done and as you grow older you begin to realize how responsible you are over your own education. In Adrienne Rich’s essay, “Claiming an Education,” she makes an argument about responsibility for all students. In her opinion it is important, within the educational community, to truly take control over our own education. That is to say, you as a student has to be engage with what is being taught to you. Rich states,…

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  • Adrienne Rich Living In Sin Summary

    Anyone who has fallen madly in love, can identify with the woman in “Living in Sin,” by Adrienne Rich. The euphoric high of new love brings a “love conquers all” mentality that it will last forever. In “Living in Sin,” the reader is introduced into the scene of a couple who has defied society to cohabitate. Rich uses allegory to explore how the fantastical view of love and cohabitation, fades, as the tedious reality of life slowly begins to intrude. “Living in Sin,” was written in the 1954.…

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  • Walking In The Dark By Adrienne Rich Analysis

    writing; therefore, the more political the author the more that comes out in there writing. In Adrienne Rich’s work Diving into the wreck she has overtly political poems that are real and still relevant in todays politics this is very prominent in her poem “Rape”. She writes some of her more politically charged poems in the form of list poetry; this allows her to touch on multiple topics while still keeping within the general theme of the poem. This can best be seen in “Walking in the Dark” and…

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  • Adrienne Rich Claiming An Education Analysis

    Receiving handouts rather than going out and doing things on your own is the wave of this generation. Everyone likes to sit back and wait for opportunities instead of going out and looking for them. This a problem that connects to what Adrienne Rich said in her speech “ Claiming an Education”. The beginning of her speech was geared more towards women and encouraging them. Towards the end, she focused her essay on not only women but on both men and women which created more of a wake-up call. Rich…

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  • Adrienne Rich, Compulsory Lessexuality And Lesbian Existence

    violence and self-loathing. Kristen Schilt & Laurel Westbrook Found in their examination of private cisgender-transgender sexual interactions that “Almost ninety-five percent of reported cases involve a cisgender man murdering a transwoman” (Schilt, 452). The gender binary works with heterosexuality to police other identities through the obligations of the common culture. In conjunction with conventional gender roles and identities, the gender binary additionally mandates heterosexuality and…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Rich, Adrienne Split At The Root

    Rich, Adrienne “Split at the Root” Adrienne Rich’s “Split at the Root” is a personal essay about her struggles while trying to find and claim her Jewish identity that she was disconnected from growing up in the gentile south, while also trying to figure out what being a jewish lesbian feminist means. Rich first describes the southern culture, that she grew up in, which was full of racism, anti semitism, and heteronormativity. She writes that “the assumption that relations between the sexes…

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  • Symbolism In Aunt Jennifer's Tigers By Adrienne Rich

    the surface is not always as it seems. Sometimes words that are not actually spoken, speak louder than those that are. In Adrienne Rich’s poem “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers,” the eventful death of Aunt Jennifer is easily understood with symbolism such as tigers in the wild and Aunt Jennifer’s wedding band that is used to contrast the control her husband has on her with her embroidering artwork of tigers that are free and happy in the wild. Symbolism like the colors and types of materials used also…

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