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  • The Importance Of Aerospace Engineering

    Aerospace engineers build and Aeronautical and aerospace engineers design aircraft for civilian use, they also construct planes to help the military. Aerospace engineers help in the development and design supersonic jets. The engineers have to make sure the jet can withstand the high speeds it can reach. Engineers have to test materials that are used in the plane and make sure that it can withstand regular use. One of my sister’s friends had to test possible leaks inside a plane if a hose exploded and how long it would take for it to burn a whole and make it into the cabin of the jet. He had to spray hot liquid over a piece of metal and see how long it would take. Using a program, it showed how the temperature of the metal was rising. Over time, the heat that started in one spot quickly expanded throughout the whole sheet…

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  • GKN Aerospace Case Study

    Resources (HR) department. To remain agile and quick in a global marketplace, a multinational company must manage human resources as cleverly as every other division or department. GKN is a leader, with a strong human resources approach that combines active recruitment, performance monitoring, and effective administration. They serve as an exemplary model for other aerospace companies to compare human resource strategies. Human assets bring value, technical skill, and customers to…

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  • Aerospace Industry Case Study

    1.1 Overview of aerospace industry Globally, 3.57 billion passengers travelled on aeroplanes during 2015 and the demand for air travel is predicted to keep rising.1 As the frequency of air travel is increasing, it places a pressure on the aerospace industry to improve material performance and the efficiency of their transportation.2 Classically aircraft were constructed from metallic materials such as aluminium and titanium. Therefore, new materials must have specific properties and…

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  • Case Study: Bombardier Aerospace

    Bombardier Aerospace grew from humble beginnings when Joseph-Armand Bombardier built his first snowmobile out of a farm sleigh and a Model-T Ford. From that point on, he entered the transportation industry, first by rail, and then by air. Bombardier is now the third largest designer of commercial aircraft and they held 50% of the market share for the 20-90 seat segment of the regional aircraft market in 2005 (Page 5). However, Bombardier believed it needed to compete with the larger regional…

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  • Case Study: UTC Aerospace Systems Change Process

    This added definition in the Kotter (1995) model provides improved clarity to better define the change process. This model will be used to further evaluate change at UTC Aerospace Systems. UTC Aerospace Systems Change Process UTC Aerospace Systems organisational strategic plans are developed using the Policy Deployment method based on the Hoshin Kanri concept (Lee and Dale, 1998). The process is performed yearly and re-evaluates the company’s short and long term mission, vision and objectives…

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  • Stork B. V Case Analysis

    It is a Dutch manufacturing and service providing company and is headquartered in Naarden, Netherlands. There are two operating companies within Stork B.V: Fokker Aerospace Group and Stork Technical Services. Stork Aerospace produces advanced products, for instance, electrical systems for the defence and aerospace industry. The Stork Technical Services is responsible for supplying integrated technical services for installations and machines within the industrial market. It could be said, that…

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  • Computer Engineering: A Career As A Computer Engineer

    Lastly another engineering career is those named aerospace engineers. Aerospace engineers are the people who design spacecraft, aircraft, satellites, and missiles. This is one of those jobs that rocket science is actually required. They make and test all the prototypes to make sure they are working according to their design. Aerospace engineers generally work 37 to 40 hours a week which usually depend on how big their projects are. They work in factory hangars and also get to travel a lot for…

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  • Entj Case Study

    Page 1 Do you know what an ENTJ can do? They can do many things like Richard Nixon or FDR. There are many great options for ENTJs’ but my favorite three that I would enjoy would be law/politics, engineering, & counseling. All are very well paid and have great respect toward they’re position. They also have many doors that can open to new careers because the skills you use in other careers are used in each of these. The three are just a base of what it gets you to do; many have different…

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  • Alphabet Energy Case Study

    industries: automotive, aerospace, power generation and manufacturing. Automotive industry is the area that the team most passionate about. Typical motor engine converts only 30% energy into propulsion. Thermoelectric generator could…

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  • The Importance Of Change Management

    organisation (Armstrong, 2006). According to DeCainio et al (2000), organisational structure influences both the general behaviour of business and the conditions of individuals and departments within a business. The organisational structure is a configuration of relationships among various positions within the business and between employees of the business and acts as an enabler in the quest of organisational goals (Mullins, 2013; Bloisi, 2007). Consequently, an organisational structure in a…

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