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  • In Defense Of Gender Equality

    just this group of people where they could still find bias in these changes such as he/she. McFadden uses an example of how a local art critic changed her last name from Terman to Terwoman. A reader pointed out how this change still contains “man” (1981). Again, this is evidence of how someone perceives something and bias could still be seen. If someone is set out looking for bias, they will probably be able to find it. Sexual bias can be found in much greater degrees than just using the…

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  • Feminism Vs Fatalism

    2007; Poster, 2001; Kerr, 1999; Elson and Pearson, 1981). All of these “merits” were favoured by the profit-chasing capitalism…

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  • Analysis Of Rostow's Five Stages Of Economic Development

    focuses on the collectivization of agriculture and less emphasize on the light and heavy industry. For instance, the Chinese followed an ‘industrial socialist’ strategy of development from the Soviet Union for first five year plan (Jameson & Wilber, 1981). Subsequently, they started adopted their own strategy which was ‘agrarian socialism’ which totally differ from the industrial socialist. Moreover, the State Constitution of 1982 is for the state to guide the country’s economic development…

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  • Cyra Mcfadden's In Defense Of People And Language

    Cyra McFadden (1981) says, writing English this way is “distracting as a cloud of gnats.” Speaking English this way, McFadden compares it to the “Coneheads” from “Saturday Night Live.” (1981) Not many people will want to read writing that is that distracting or listen to someone talking in such a robotic and unemotional way. And, please, do not even start uttering the “slash” between “he” and “she”! This will just make it “sound like a replay of the Manson killings.” (McFadden, 1981) Always…

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  • Clothing In Peter Corrigan's The Dressed Society

    Fashion has been a topic of research for many decades and people have used it as a means of communicating their identities (Crane, 2000; Davis, 1992; Kaiser, 1990). Peter Corrigan (2008), in his book The Dressed Society: clothing, the body and some meanings of the world, talks about how people dress, their choices of certain kinds of attire as well as the various social meanings of clothing in our societies. He also goes further to describe what all this implies as well what it communicates in…

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  • Co-Offending And Juvenile Crimes

    co-offending is not taken into account, and second, co-offending sets the stage for continued crime and delinquency for offenders (Zimring, 1981; Felson, 2003). Those involved in co-offending continue to commit more offenses and are more likely to commit more serious offenses then their solo-offending counterparts (Carrington, 2002; Sarnecki, 2001; Zimring 1981). The bulk of current co-offending research focuses on property crimes and juveniles. There is very little that focuses on violent…

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  • Compare And Contrast Political Economic Vs Economic Political Analysis

    which help understand the drivers of reform, and those working against it. Problem solving theory creates a fixed order, ‘as it aims to solve problems arising in various parts of a complex whole in order to smooth the functioning of the whole’ (Cox, 1981: 130). This problem solving theory is at its core; value-free as it treats the variables as objects they are singular, in the case of the ABSM, it is representative of agents’ own represented…

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  • Health And Safety Regulations

    (1995) - Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations PPE (1992) - Personal protective equipment Management and health and safety at work rule (1992) The health and safety management for employees (1989) - HSE Health and safety-first aid (1981) Key points about each one: COSSH (2002) . COSSH is a regulation that keeps people safe when using chemicals which may be harmful to their health. . However, having this regulation will improve the understanding of health and safety…

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  • The 'The Analysis Of Who' Of Humanity

    Human beings have always been curious as to what and who they are. Both divisions have received far-reaching investigation and inquiry into their dimensions and inner workings. The “what” of humanity, for example, is denoted and defined in many scientific studies and theorizations that are based on evolution and religion. Charles Darwin is credited for his evolution theory that explains the origin of humanity. On the other hand, creation stories evident in many Christian dialects have always…

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  • Martha Crenshaw The Causes Of Terrorism Analysis

    Martha Crenshaw’s 1981 article “The Causes of Terrorism” outlines an analysis on the causes of terrorism by examining the preconditions, precipitants, reasons, the psychological aspects of the individual. Crenshaw attempts to show the reader the causes of terrorism in this article. She begins by providing a definition of terrorists. She defines terrorism as the premeditated use or threat of violence committed by a group of people in order to convey a political message. She then divides her…

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