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  • Summary Of Structural Family Therapy

    the issue. (Lee, 2011). To create change over the course of therapy, I will work with the family to understand their own worldview and then join them as a constructor to help change that worldview to include possible alternatives (Minuchin & Fishman, 1981). To do this effectively, I will use their own metaphors, language, and rules to help…

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  • Brain Death Definition

    of functioning of the organism due to the fact that the brain is necessary for the functioning of the organism as a whole. Bernat et al explains that the brain integrates, generates, interrelates, and controls complex bodily functions (Bernat et al, 1981, p. 391). To further explain this, Bernat et al points to an example of a patient on a ventilator who does not have a functioning brain. Bernat et al contends that the individual is simply a group of artificially maintained subsystems, since the…

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  • The Historical Processes Of Competing Interests In International Relations Case Study

    Figure 4: The Historical Processes of Competing Interests in International Relations Source: Social Forces, States and World Orders (Cox, 1981: 138). Figure four indicates that social forces, forms of state and world orders are interdependent in the completing interests in international relations. Social forces form the base of the ABSM, and the ideologies are essential to the deliberation process in democratic practises. The form of state represents the political institutions and material…

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  • Jamie Oliver's Masculinity At Work

    portrayal of the ‘lad’ while cooking is reflected through his insistence that cooking must always be “a laugh” (Hollows, 2003: 233). Further, Oliver and therefore the ‘new lad’ cook according to leisure, which is often associated with choice (Adler, 1981:…

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  • Ancient Roman Women Marriage

    today’s society, marriage in ancient Rome was a very structured, highly logical arrangement between two families. Legally, as written in Augustan legislation, a Roman woman needed to be, at minimum, twelve years of age in order to get married (Clark, 1981). Most women typically did not get married until they were around twenty years old so that they would be more mature and better able to handle the duties and responsibilities of a traditional Roman wife. When a Roman girl became of age, her…

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  • Analysis Of Pornography: A Form Of Oppression To Women

    Dworkin, 1981; Dworkin and MacKinnon, 1988; Mackinnon, 1989) since 1980s have overwhelmingly stressed on criticising of pornography as a form of oppression to women. By examining the ‘effects’ of pornography on its male consumers, radical feminists have frequently…

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  • Homicide And Assault Case Study Summary

    Homicide and Assault: A Comparative Analysis of Attributes in Dallas Neighborhoods, 1981-1985 by Keith D. Harries from the University of Maryland Baltimore County hypothesized “the legal labels homicide and assault represent essentially similar behaviors differing principally in outcome rather than process” (p. 29). According to Harries (1989), to test this papers’ hypothesis it seeks the relationship between the high crime rates and the poverty areas based off the status of the neighborhoods (p…

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  • Brain In A Vat Theory: An Analysis

    Created in 1981 by Hilary Putnam the Brain in a Vat theory is about a science fiction possibility of our brains quite literally being in a vat. Hilary Putnam uses referencing or representation, the Turing Test, the rules of language and a host of examples to establish that the statement “we are brains in a vat” is a self-refuting statement. He asks the question “Could we, if we were brains in a vat in this way, say or think that we were?” (Putnam 1981, p7) and comes to the conclusion that we…

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  • Insider Research Approach

    Another critical point mentioned by Evered and Louis (1981) is the roles clearly taken up by the research in the inside (organization actor, participants observer) and outside (Data analysts, rationalistic model builder) modes. This supports the point earlier made that insider research looks to engage organization…

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  • In Defense Of Gender Equality

    just this group of people where they could still find bias in these changes such as he/she. McFadden uses an example of how a local art critic changed her last name from Terman to Terwoman. A reader pointed out how this change still contains “man” (1981). Again, this is evidence of how someone perceives something and bias could still be seen. If someone is set out looking for bias, they will probably be able to find it. Sexual bias can be found in much greater degrees than just using the…

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