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  • Plyler Vs Doe

    Since the addition of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, legal battles have been fought and won, to ensure that all people regardless of their citizenship status, are equally protected under the law. One such case is Plyler v. Doe 1981. In 1975 the State of Texas created a law which authorized local school districts to deny enrollment to any child who…

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  • Evolutionary Game Theory Analysis

    When a colleague asks how we are first thing in the morning, our answer is frequently a lie; regardless of how we feel that day and what is going on our lives, we automatically present a picture of wellness and happiness. This is just the first of many lies we will tell throughout our day, assuming we have not already lied to those we may have encountered in our household. Indeed, lies permeate our lives, and the average person [insert statistics here]. Why do we do this? What is the point of…

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  • Clifford Olson Case Study

    Though his killings occurred over thirty years ago Clifford Olson is still known as one of Canada’s most notorious serial killers. Active through the years 1980-1981 he was responsible for eleven gruesome murders in that short time span. The shocking nature of his crimes ensured nobody would forget his notorious deeds. To build on that, Olson is loathed because he extorted authorities into paying $100,000 for the locations of his victims’ remains, an agreement that haunted the survivors of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life After Vietnam

    SILVER LINING The first year of living after the Vietnam War ended in 1975 was the most difficult for me. When I heard my president Minh Duong, in South of Vietnam, commanded us to give up and hand the weapons to the North Vietnamese Communist Party, it felt like an atomic bomb exploded inside my head. My entire life, my body, and my heart fell down as I came to a free fall. For weeks I gradually got used to a new reality that my government lost the war. When terrible things happened to me after…

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  • Ronald Reagan's Achievements

    Ronald Reagan served as President from 1981-1989. He left office with the highest approval rating since President Theodore Roosevelt. From an early age he was destined to enter politics, he was the President of his student body for both high school and college, and regularly solved issues diplomatically. His parents instilled in him political values-although democratic-so he maintained an interest in politics even before he entered the field himself. He first entered the film industry and…

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  • Reagan's Economic Policies

    In June 27th ,1981, just five months after becoming president, Reagan lobbied over the phone from his home in California his proposed budget cuts willing over Democrats. Although these democrats were fence-sitters, the idea of a Republican president winning over the…

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  • Thomas Aquinas Attitude To Property

    the use of this property is under the dominion of men, and that “by his reason and will, he is able to use them for his own profit.” (Aquinas, 1981, II-II, Q66, A1) Aquinas (1981, II-II, Q66, A2) also elaborates that possessing property is “necessary to human life” for three reasons. The first reason is that there is an incentive for people to…

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  • Marriage: Differences Between Courtship And Dating

    children to practice roles and virtues that are important in marriage while marriage permits children to practice the roles and virtues that are crucial and significant in eternal life. Therefore, courtship and marriage are two different things (Crapo, 1981). However, most of the people confuse between courtship and dating. The two terms are independent of each other. They all have different practices. The church encourages courtship in its youth. It also discourages dating in Christianity. The…

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  • Law Enforcement System

    This is along with the corrections as well as the courts that are established in the United States (Johnson, 1981, January). Despite the fact that the three components often work different and independently, they also forma kind of collective chain that starts with the investigations into criminal matters, and finally to the process of punishment or justice administration…

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  • Good Study Methods Of Being Successful In College

    natural group, and the standard group (Heffernan & Richards, 1981). The standard group used problem solving methods and received study skill information. The natural group also received information on different study skills. They taught the natural group to use planned schedules and isolation. This meant isolating themselves from distractions and setting a certain time for school work throughout the week (Heffernan & Richards, 1981). Each group was given 3 exams; pre and post treatment and…

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