Gender Equality In Cyra Mcfadden's In Defense Of Gender

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Gender equality is a very hot topic these days as women demand equal rights in the workplace and are even running for President. This fight for equality is even in the way people speak and write. The English language is increasingly becoming gender neutral in an attempt to be sexually unbiased toward women. However, the overuse of gender neutral terms is quite comical. To write or speak an already complicated language in a consistent and unbiased way is, if not impossible, futile. Neither side of this debate wins and can ultimately lead to separation of people. Cyra McFadden 's theme in her article, “In Defense of Gender”, is about this increasing use of gender neutrality in writing or speech and how ridiculously futile it is and how it also severs relationships between people. This is effectively proven because of the humor, difficulty with consistency, ineffectiveness to include all groups of people, and the negative affects it has on relationships between people.
Overuse of gender neutral words or suffixes is ruining
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... ' ' (p.p. 7)
This shows how difficult it would be to be consistent in changing English so that it is not sexually biased. Some would definitely argue that just because something is difficult does not mean that it should not be changed. This is beside the point trying to be made. The Bible can be said by some to be one of the most biased texts out there. Maybe one should look beyond that. It is part of history and was written by men at a time when women did not have equality like there is these days. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Making these changes proves to be ridiculous, somewhat humorous, and

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