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moving from one place to another
when you move, to your hometown you are a ____
when you move, your new country views you as a ____
what isn't a factor of population growth?
tariff reduction
the increase in the population of a city
situation in which more people live in an area than the area can provide services for
a situation in which resources are being used up at a faster rate than they can be replaced
unsustainable development
an area's ability to meet its needs without reducing its ability to meet its future needs
sustainable development
how land is used in cities
urban form
the dividing of an area into smaller areas, which are usually hostile to each another
the policy of segregating people by race
an area of land between two or more groups where no military activity or weapons are allowed
demilitarized zone
control of an area by foreign governments for political and/or economic purposes
the adoption of one culture's customs by another cultural group
cultural diffusion
wherein groups of differing culture meet and interact
cultural convergence
a government policy that restricts access to outside cultural influences
cultural divergence
groups living close to one another, but keeping their unique cultures
cultural mosaic
What impact did the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics have?
affected nations around the world
the highest use of the worlds water is ______
a nonrenewable source
sustainable development is a problem best addressed at a _______ level.
power produced through the decomposition or burning of plants and/or organic waste
biomass energy
power produced from heat inside the earth
geothermal energy
energy produced through the movement of water
hydroelectric power
power produced by the sun
solar energy
movement of air
organic waste
heat from the earth
movement of water
most air pollution is caused by _________
burning nonrenewable resources
a deadly, very contagious disease, carried by fleas on rodents
bubonic plague
a group of people who have recently moved to a new area and who return to their original location during the same time period
countermigration stream
the movement of a characteristic from one place to another over a period of time
a group of people who move from one area to another area during the same time period
migration stream
a worldwide spread of a deadly disease, e.g., the plague
What country had the most effects from bubonic plague in the 1300s?
What country has been most effected by AIDS?
sub-saharan africa
policy whereby one group of individuals of common ancestry is removed from an area by another group of individuals of common ancestry, either through death or expulsion
ethnic cleansing
a plan in which there is some government decision-making; businesses both privately and government-owned
mixed economic system
a plan in which government plays a limited role in basic economic decisions
market economic system
a plan in which custom determines how goods are produced and distributed
traditional economic system
a situation in which birth rate not sufficient to replace the existing population