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a land bridge connecting two continents
an area between thirty and forty degrees latitude with temperatures that remain above 32°F (0° C) year round
strong thunderstorms with circular winds of thirty-nine to seventy-three m.p.h.
tropical storm
a hill or mountain that builds up around the vent of a volcano
volcanic cone
borders of Central A. (4)
Mexico, Columbia, Pacific O., Caribbean Sea
countries of central america? (7)
belize, guatemala, honduras, el salvador, nicaragua, costa rica, panama
3 main landforms of central a.
coastal plains, caribbean lowlands, mountain regions
countries along the caribbean coast are ____, while the pacific coat is ___
hot, cold
natural resources in CA?
timber, fish, petroleum, and hydropower
mineral deposits of CA?
copper, lead, zinc, gold, and silver
climate and soil conditions make CA a nice place to grow:
bananas, coffee, cacao
natural hazards of CA?
hurricanes, volcanoes, and earthquakes
CA's two largest lakes
nicaragua, managua
lowlands= _____, highlands= _____
hot and humid, cool and dry
factors that make CA a good place for farming?
tropical climate, volcanic soils
Why is panama important? (3)
connects n and s america, controls panama canal, important trade route
a treeless, grassy plain
grasslands of SA
countries of SA (13)
colombia, venezuela, guyana, suriname, french guiana, bolivia, brazil, peru, ecuador, chile, argentina, paraguay, uruguay
landforms of SA
Andes Mountains, the Amazon Basin, the Atacama Desert, the Guiana and Brazilian Highlands, Los Llanos, the Pampas, and Patagonia.
4 main rivers of SA, largest lake
amaxon, rio de la plata, orinoco, sao francisco

SA's natural resources
gold, oil, copper, iron ore, tin
SA's natural hazards
volcanoes, el nino, drought, flooding, landslides, tornadoes
SA is the ___ largest continent
Which country has coastlines along both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean?
Which South American country is not troubled by natural hazards?
countries that do not border brazil
chile, ecuador
SA landlocked countries
bolivia, paraguay
These countries are well-positioned along the trading routes of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
argentina, chile
small, low island of coral or sand
islands formed by limestone skeletons of animals
coral islands
steady air currents between about 30° north and south latitude and the equator
trade winds
caribbean is also known as
west indies
Carib. is composed of 3 island groups
lesser and greater antilles, bahamas
What are the most valuable resources of the Caribbean islands?
beaches, climate, water
natural hazards in Carib.?
volcanoes, hurricanes
islands of carib. formed from
skeletons, and volcanoes