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a brazilian slum
a major urban area serving as the economic, political, and population center of a country
primate city
growing crops to provide for the needs of ones family
subsistence farming
people who live in this region
Native Americans
settlers from europe who came from _____
_____ settled most of the Caribbean, south and central america
________ settled brazil
______settled belize and Guyana
_________ settled suriname
The Netherlands
_____ settled french guiana
______ were brought to the region to work the ______
Africans, plantations
People emigrate from here for ______ and ______ reasons, and to escape __________
political, economic, natural disasters
many countries in this region have _____ cities
What technological advancement prompted many people to move from rural to urban areas?
mechanized agriculture
What two groups colonized most of the Caribbean, Central America, and South America?
Portuguese, Spanish
People emigrated from Nicaragua for _____ reasons
Migration from columbia to venezuela is mainly because of _____ factors
Most common language?
highest population of african descent
the caribbean
In Ecuador and Peru, which group has the most political power and the most money?
_____ are the most culturally diverse places
Most of the people trace their heritage back to _______, _____, ____. Other groups include ________, _________, and ______.
native americans, africans, and europeans; mestizos, mulattoes, and asians
Besides spanish, some other languages used are: (7)
Portuguese, english, dutch, french, hindi, urdu, and traditional languages of the native americans
________ is most widely practiced religion
roman catholicism
wealth is _____ distributed
most people are ____
there is a ____ middle class
a few ______ have control of political power and money
Native Americans fear the loss of their cultural ________. In ______, reservations have been established for Native American communities.
identity, brazil
agricultural products grown to be sold
cash crop
military rulers
the value of goods and services within a country
gross domestic product
Which South American countries have sufficient energy resources to meet their needs?
columbia, venezuela
Caribbeans main export?
In _______ economies, people grow crops for their own use
LDCs are characterized by: (4)
uneven distribution of wealth, lack of modern tech, high birth rate, gender inequities
countries in this region are looking to improve their economy by (4)
reducing reliance on a single crop, promoting use of modern tech, decreasing debt, and lessening foreign control on businesses.
What makes Central America important to U.S. foreign policy?
the panama canal
what caribbean island is u.s. territory?
Puerto Rico
other problems besides political: (3)
insufficient farmland to feed the people, corrupt governments, guerilla warfare.
dictatorships impose restrictions (5)
speech, media coverage, political opposition, judicial system, and elections