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a dam
land below sea level from which water has been removed and which is protected by dikes (dams)
an increase in the population of a city
Europe is an "intercontinental highway" of sorts for species that migrate between ______.
africa, western asia, north america
Select the statements that are true of tourism in Western Europe.
is a significant source, mediterranean is a tourism hound, is economic boon, has impacted w. europe, countries promoting without damaging ecosystem
The Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) seeks to protect the marine environment of the ______ from pollution.
baltic sea
Catalytic converters ______.
remove harmful pollutantsfrom vehicle emissions, have been required in w. europe since 1993
Which of the following is an international plan to protect the North-East Atlantic marine environment from pollution?
This international policy focuses on the ozone layer.
montreal protocol
the control of an overseas territory by a foreign power
a policy extending political, economic, or military rule over a foreign nation
technically an independent nation that is under the military and/or financial control of another nation
satellite country
two countries germany invaded
austria, poland
the first europeans are believed to ________ that became _______
hunter-gatherers, farmers
europes first civilization
rome _______ citizenship to other outlying countries
rome built a network of many _______ to unite the territoty
rome promoted ________ unity
romes inability to _____ its territory led to its fall
feudalism was a ______ and _______ program used to divide territory in the middle ages
social, economic
_______, _______, and Russia were on one side
france, britain
_________, ______, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire were on the other side.
Germany, Italy
WWII factors other than Treaty of Versailles
the depression;
conflicting ideologies
German military aggression.
What factor was likely responsible for the location of Europe's first civilization?
it is between three continents
These cities were part of the Roman Empire.
Frankfurt, london, paris
Which was a system under which land and labor were exchanged for defense?
Which factors enabled Europe to colonize foreign territories?
advanced technology, military strength, political power
Which nations were formed following World War I?
Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia
During both world wars, which country was aligned with Germany?
The Berlin Wall divided which country into east and west sections?
The period of great political unrest that divided Europe into eastern and western sections was called _____.
The cold war
After World War II, the division between eastern and western Europe was known as the _____.
Iron Curtain
Which organization is a unifying force in Europe?