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a group of islands clustered together in a large body of water
all the land drained by a river and the streams that flow into that river
drainage basin
the principal land mass of a continent or country (excludes islands and peninsulas)
a land mass surrounded by water on three sides
North A. is the ___ continent in the world
3rd largest
1.	Atlantic Ocean	G	
2.	Pacific Ocean	B	
3.	Arctic Ocean	D	
4.	Bering Strait	E	
5.	Mississippi River	A	
6.	Great Lakes	F	
7.	Hudson Bay	C	
8.	Yukon River
1. Atlantic Ocean G
2. Pacific Ocean B
3. Arctic Ocean D
4. Bering Strait E
5. Mississippi River A
6. Great Lakes F
7. Hudson Bay C
8. Yukon River
G, B, D, E, A, F, C, H
Name all the great lakes
L. Erie, L. Michigan, Huron, Ontario
What mountain ranges are part of the cordilleras?
rocky m, sierra madre occidental, sierra madre del sur
What mountain ranges are part of the Appalachians?
Gr8 smoky mountains, green mountains, white m.
What plain is completely located in Canada?
Canadian shield
What landform was crossed by American colonists when they headed west?
Appalachian mountains
What area will most likely provide the best farmland?
great plains
What are the three peninsulas?
florida, baja ca, yucatan
area where rivers drop from high elevations to coastal plains
fall line
a severe, whirling storm that forms over the ocean in tropical regions
list the NE states
What are natural resources in the NE?
coal, lobster, forests
Important rivers there?
Hudson, Mohawk, Susquehanna, Pawcatuck
Mountain ranges in the Appalachians?
Adirondacks, Alleghenies, Catskills, Green and white mountains
States in the South?
Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.
Is farming more profitable in the NE or the S?
Natural resources in the South?
forests, natural gas, petroleum,
Because of its high humidity, the South often experiences severe storms with heavy rains called _____.
a long thin strip of land that projects from a larger area
an area that receives less precipitation because of its location of the leeward side on a mountain
rain shadow
midwest states?
North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin
driest area of the midwest region?
great plains
natural resources of the midwest region?
sand, herring, oil, soil, timber
states in the west
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.
What factors keep people from moving near the rocky mountains? (2)
rugged terrain, transportation difficulties
What states are threatened by earthquakes? (4)
Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington
What states have panhandles?
Florida, Oklahoma, Alaska
Landforms in the midwest?
Central Lowlands, Great plains, Appalachian plateau, ozark highlands, superior upland
Natural resources in west?
forests, minerals, fish
on or near an ocean
permanently frozen soil underneath the surface in polar and near-polar areas
the political division used in Canada and some other countries
Canada's natural resources?
minerals, fish, timber, wildlife, coal, petroleum, and natural gas
Borders of Canada?
Alaska, Arctic O., Atlantic O., Pacific O., U.S.
What terms describe Canada's climate?
Arctic, subarctic, temperate
What describes the St. Lawrence seaway? (2)
Its important for Canadian and u.s trade, connects great lakes, st lawrence river, and atlantic o.
area of greenland not covered in ice? (2)
coastal regions, peary land
natural resources in greenland?
fish, coal, minerals, oil, and natural gas
Which land is farming more profitable in- Canada or Greenland?
an underground area often created when limestone is dissolved
referring to the movement of the earth caused by shifting of tectonic plates
a depression in the land generally caused when rain dissolves limestone
a large wave caused by an earthquake or volcano
Mexicos borders?
Pacific O, Belize, Guatemala, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico
How many states in Mexico?
Mexico's climate? (2)
temperate, tropical
Why is the Gulf Coast important to the Mexican economy?
Petroleum is there
What area of Mexico has a peninsula?
Yucatan pen.