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(ha) a unit of measure equal to 2.5 acres or 10,000 square meters
reduced ability of the soil to support life
land degration
a small tropical tree that grows in wetlands near salt water
the development of higher than normal salt content in the soil
What are some of the major environmental issues in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean?
forest reduction, pollution
what are the results of forest plantation?
economic development, increased forest land
What is the South American Guarani Aquifer System?
supply of groundwater
What is a consequence of increased livestock production?
conversion of forest land to grazing land
Strategies that can be implemented to reduce carbon emissions include _____.
catalytic converters, renewable energy
of spain and portugal
a group that controls the government
country that once ruled central america
where is panama canal?
central america
what area has most resources?
south america
what is MERCOSUR?
an arrangement to increase economic cooperation
first successful european settlement in america?
santo domingo
main revenue source of caribbean?
the pressing of soil particles closer together, reducing the amount of air between particles
Why are sustainable land management practices important?
they ensure continued food production
what are the characteristics of certified forests? (3)
they follow strategies for resource management, they distribute forest use benefits fairly, they protect habitats
privatization of water use has resulted in ____
fee collection for water use
Which area would be most affected by disruption of the marine ecosystem?
the caribbean
In an effort to preserve its biodiversity, this nation has protected the largest land area in the region.
Strategies that can be implemented to reduce carbon emissions include _____.
catalytic converters, renewable energy