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a group of islands
the principal land mass of a continent or country
a political division
underground area usually created when limestone is dissolved
large wave caused by an underwater earthquake or volcano
land area surrounded by water on three sides
on or near an ocean or sea
depression in the land generally caused when rain dissolves limestone
Which plains area lies in both the United States and Canada?
great plains
what area provides the best farmland
great plains
what factor keeps people from moving to the rockys?
rugged terrain
what places border canada? (3)
alaska, pacific ocean, atlantic ocean
what places border mexico
belize, caribbean, guatemala, texas
na was inhabited when the europeans arrived t/f
first settlement in greenland by:
The two groups that have the largest population in Canada are the British and _____.
the growing of plants or animals in freshwater or marine ecosystems
underground water sources
the responsible use and management of resources
organization for organic foods?
national organic program
What is the official name of the living laboratory for sustainable development practices of forests?
international model forest program
This U.S. agency enforces environmental regulations, which helps people interact in ways that sustain healthy ecosystems.
Environmental protection agency
All the following statements describe the importance of environmental protection in North America except _____.
people need only consider what is best for the environment
What are possible solutions that may be used in the future to address agricultural issues? (3)
decrease pesticide use, develop "cleaner" pesticides,
The increased recreational use of forests will probably result in increased _________ practices to protect this valuable resource.
What practices can be used to protect our supply of freshwater? (3)
improve waste disposal practices, increase conservation, reduce dependency on pesticides and fertilizers
What elements threaten our marine ecosystem? (2)
oil spills, overfishing
What two elements threaten the biodiversity of an ecosystem? (2)
habitat destruction, non-native species
Which statements describe the relationship between history and geography? (3)
geography affects history, geography is the setting for history, history affects geography
Scientists believe that the first settlers to the New World came from _____.
What were Europeans who came to the New World seeking? (3)
adventure, freedom, wealth
Greenland's geographic location makes it important for these purposes. (2)
climate study, military
Who were the first Europeans to settle in Canada?
What has been the major cause of conflict in Quebec?
Preserving French culture
Where was the first permanent U.S. settlement?
What factors contributed to the success of the English colonies? (4)
abundance of natural resources, fertile soil, its location near oceans and lakes, ties to England
What was the outcome of the French and Indian War?
New France became an English colony
What factors contributed to the westward expansion of the U.S.? (4)
increased immigration, the discovery of gold, the Homestead act, the quest for land, wealth, and adventure
Who were the first European settlers in Mexico?
Which factor is most likely to improve Mexico's economic development?
petroleum exports
Settlements by the Spanish, the English, and the French grew during the ______ period
The _______, fought over states' rights, divided the nation into northern and southern sections.
Civil War
in 1994, Mexico joined _____
One-party rule ended in _____ with the election of ______
1997, Vicente Fox