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the number of people who live in a square mile or kilometer
population density
cause of population growth decline in europe
low birth rate
Migrant patterns in Western Europe are twofold:
people coming to find work, people moving from rural to urban areas
Immigration is a growing concern because immigrants:
take the jobs of native workers, dilute euro. culture, increase the threat of terrorism, job refill needed if economy rebounds, taxes paid for social programd
most western euro. live in _______
medieval cities are ______ with ______ streets, ______ open spaces
crowded, winding, few
renaissance-baroque cities have ________ streets and ________ spaces
wide, open
industrial cities have many _______, located outside _______ _______
markets, city walls
country with highest population density
lowest population density
year pop was highest in europe
Where are Paris's industrial areas located?
outside city limits
having extreme pride in ones country
membership in a group or organization that goes beyond national boundaries
a loosening of boundaries between countries, increasing the interaction of cultural groups
most euro. countries have a __________ ethnic group
minorities exist in these countries:
basques of spain, walloons of belgium, saami of norway, asian turks, arabs, africans of w. euro.
the _______ has created a transnational europe
3 most popular religions
Christianity, protestant, roman catholic
2 main language groups are:
germanic, romance
an organization that seeks to preserve the purity of the French language
french academy
3 countries with most protestants
scotland, germany, england
Where in Europe can the most Muslim architecture be found?
iberian peninsula
Where in Europe are the Germanic languages mainly spoken?
central, northern, northwestern europe
the control of an overseas colony by a foreign power
a policy extending political, economic, or military rule over a foreign nation
membership in a group or organization that goes beyond national boundaries
nato works to safeguard:
democratic values, individual liberty, and lawfulness
made the region a leader in the world economic market.
industrial revolution
formed to promote economic prosperity in this region
EU has __ members, no _____ between member nations, euro. citizenship is extended to member nations, euro is the currency used by ___ nations
27, tariffs, 22
Europe's economic, military, and political strength enabled it to expand its empire over ___ percent of the globe by 1914.
nato has ___ members
This main goal of this organization is to create a "United States" of Europe.
three G's of european expansion
gold, glory, God
control of uninhabited countries
colonies of ____ adopted the culture of their colonizer
Where were most of Europe's colonies by the end of the nineteenth century?
africa, asia
Which countries were controlled by France at the beginning of World War I?
algeria, cambodia, vietnam
From 1800 to 1900, the land mass controlled by Europe _____.
Which factors allowed Europe to be a dominant force in world events in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries?
economic development, military superiority, political power