Why People Move To Cities Case Study

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So why do people migrate to cities? Well there is an array of answers which will be covered in this essay. The number of people internally migrating, moving to cities from rural areas within a country is growing, also known as urbanisation (Procupez, 2015). The sovereign state of the United Kingdom (UK) I will use as a case study due to the rapid rate of urbanisation that has occurred up until present. The main points covered will be, what is believed to be the main reason which caused people to move to cities from rural areas and smaller towns just after the industrial revolution compared to today. Also the consequences to an individual when moving to a city and the consequences that are posed on the country as a whole by an
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In England, according to TES Resources (2015), the percentage of British people that reside in urban areas is 80%. There are two categories of factors that influence people to move to cities. Push factors force people or make people want to leave their town to cities. Pull factors are the particular properties which attracts people to cities from other towns or rural areas. A good economy within a city is very alluring because people strive for a good income and the possibilities are greater in an urban environment. London for example has according to BBC News (2015), “created 10 times more private sector jobs than any other city since 2010”. Clearly job opportunities and numbers are presently more available in British cities. Also according to Davis (1955) in reference to urbanization “Itself a product of basic economic and technological developments”, what Davis is saying is that the wealth of cities and more advanced technology that is readily available and present in cities, draws people in from rural areas. The social side of things also come into play with the city lifestyle drawing in many young people such as students who enjoy the night life and social scene (Wilkinson, 2015). Meaning that people are generally moving from rural areas where money and jobs may not be as easy to come …show more content…
With cities that have high density of people in their youth compared to rural areas where the density is really low and generally older in age, along with easier access to health care and resources in cities compared to rural areas (Gov.uk, 2012). Also housing tends to be more expensive in cities then in areas further out of the cities. Public transport and the close proximity make commuting to and from work or other services less expensive compared to people who travel into cities from out of

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