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Computer Crime
rogue programs that copy themselves onto other computer programs
Coerced Crime
a term used to describe a practive in which auto dealer franchises are required to force accessories and unnecessary sales in oreder to keep their franchise
Corporate Crime
crime within a legitimate occcupation on behalf of one's employer
Corportae Dumping
the selling of products that are prohibited in this country overseas where there is less regulation
criminal-like behavior. a term first used by A.E. Ross to refer to flagitious (wicked) practices that had not yet been condemned by criminal law
theft from an employer by an employee who has reached a level of trust
Equity Funding Scandal
a corporate scam in which fake insurance policies (ghosts) were created in order to take advantage of reinsures
Higher Immorality
describes the moral insensibility of the Power Elite
Industrial Espionage
spying in the commercial sector
Insider Trading
using prohibited, confidentiakl information in order to trade for one's advantage
a dishonest practice by stockbrokers of stockcrokers of unnecessarily causing many buys and sells of stock in order to collect commissions
Nolo Contendere
a plea of no contest to charges
Occupational Crime
crime committed during the course of a legitimate occupation for one's own benefit
Occupational/Organizational Crime Grid
a model that looks at white collar crimes in terms whether the perpetrator and victim are individuals, employees, or groups
Organizational Crime
refers to organization that use violence, provide illegal services, and have immunity of operation
Revolving Door
prisoners who are constantly in and out of prison
Sweetheart Contracts
secret deals between labor negotiators and management to the disadvantage of the workers
those who inform on wrongdoing within their organizaion
White Collar Crime
crime committed by those within legitimate occupations or organizations
White Collar "Deadbeats"
convicted white collar offenders often do not pay penalties
an extreme physical and psychological dependence on drugs
Broken Windows
an approach to crime control that advocates that police not ignore small disturbances lest they lead to bigger crimes
Closet Queens
hidden homosexuals
Crimes Without Victims
crimes that are described as "legislative morality" in which there is no identifiable vicitm other than the person himself
the lessening of penalties attached to a particular behavior
individuals who gain sexual excitement bny sexually exposing themselves in order to shochk their victims
ex: flashers
when individuals have a sexual fixation on objects, attire,or parts, usually associated with the opposite sex
ex: feet, lingerie
Floodgate Theory
the belief that deciminalization of some illegal behavior will open the gates to a flood of illegal activity
Folk Crime
crimes that everyone commits
ex: traffic violations
Harrison Act
an anti-drug act passed in 1914 that required a doctor's prescription for narcotics and cocaine
sexual activity between individuals whoa re viewed as too closely biologically related
customers of prostitutes
Moral Entrepreneurs
those who benefit by labeling activity as criminals
the overuse of the criminal law as an attempt to control deviant activity
sexual child molestation
Problem Drinking
Public Order Crime
vice crimes or crimes without victims
laws forbidding particular types of sexual activity
a slana slang term for public restooms that are used for homosexual liasions
those who gain sexual excitement by secretly observing unknowing victims
a form of drastic resocialization of personality
Brainwashing Myth
the belief that the term "brainwashig" was created by intelligence agencies in order to justify bizarre mind control experiments
a secret FBI program, to discredit legitimate social movements
Crimes Against Government
political crimes against the government, from protests to terrorism
Crimes By Government
political crimes by the government, from human rights violations to genocide
secret organization withing the Reagan White House that was responsible for the Iran-Contra affair
spying, the stealing of secrets
the eradication of a group
in Arabic, "fervor" or "zeal", an Islamic resistance movement
Hate Crime
a bias crime that is movtivated by dislike of a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin
an Islamic terrorist group whose name means "party of God"
Human Rights
right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
a distinctive belief system
Nuremberg Principle
a precedent established at the Nuremberg trials that says that, if aperson has a conflict between morality an immoral orders, one is to obey morality
Operation Chaos
a secret CIA program to investifate activities of domestic groups
Patriarchal Crime
crime that is committed in the name of male dominance
Political Crime
crime that is committed for idealogical reasons
Project Bluebird
secret CIA mind control research
Raison d' Etat
Machiavelli's notion that any means are necessary in order to protect the state
Sancuary Movement
a U.S. social movement in the 1980's that attempted to provide refuge for illegal political refugees from Latin America
Secret Police
domestic security police whose purpose it is to protect the existing regime from violent overthrow
an acronym for the method of recruiting spies: sex, motivation, ideology, commitment, and ego
Sub Rosa Crime
another name for espionage (literally "under the rose")
the purposeful targeting of innocents for political purposes in order to spread fear and intimidation
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
a United Nations declaration that calls for the respect of human rights