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Breaking into or entering a structure without permission for the purpose of committing a felony.
taking property from another person through force, threat of force, or intimidation.
Inmate Argots
The slang characteristics of prison subculture s and prison life.

Consensus Model

majority of citizens in a society share the same values and beliefs. Criminal acts are acts that conflict with these values and beliefs and that are deemed harmful to society.

Conflict Model

content of criminal law is determined by the groups that hold economic, political, and social power in the community.

Public Order Crimes

Behavior that has been labeled criminal because it is contrary to shared social values, customs, and norms.

The Dual Court System

The separate but interrelated court system of the US, made up of the courts on the national level and the courts on the state level.

Military Tribunals

A court that is operated by the military rather than the criminal justice system and is presided over by military officers rather than judges.

Domestic terrorism

Acts of terrorism that take place on U.S. Soil without direct foreign involvement.

The house of refuge

A care facility developed by the child savers to protect potential criminal youths by taking them off the street and providing a family like environment.

Know when/where the first juvenile court was established in the U.S.

Illinois 1899

parens patriae

A doctrine that holds that the state has a responsibility to look after the well-being of children and to assume the role of parent if necessary.

Training schools

A correctional institution for juveniles found to be delinquent or status offenders.

Diversion programs

a strategy to divert those offenders who qualify away from prison and jail and toward community-based and intermediate sanctions.

Total Institutions

An institution, such as a prison, that provides all of the necessities for existence to those who live within it's boundaries.

Relative deprivation theory

inmate aggression is caused when freedoms and services that the inmate has come to accept as normal are decreased or eliminated.

Hands-on Era of inmates

era of prisoner's rights

Border Patrol Agents