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What are the characteristics of the criminal justice system?
To control crime, to prevent crime, to provide and maintain justice

Metaphorically like an assembly line, *FEDERALISM BASED*
What is the difference between the criminological theory of crime and the criminal justice theory of crime?
Criminological theory explains the phenomenon of crime.

Criminal Justice theory explains the government’s reaction to crime
In general systems theory…
Inputs, outputs, and shared goals

shared goals (maintain status quo)
output (peace)
What happens when a case is terminated prior to completion?
Products tend to return to the system as “defective,” that is, products that previously were defined as “output” return to the system as additional “input.” This is inefficient and therefore undesirable
What are the conflicting “pressures”?
Each stage of the system can handle fewer and fewer cases. Our prisons are full, so there is pressure on judges to not sentence people to prison in order to create less strain on the system.
What does a street-level bureaucrat do?
Public service workers who interact with citizens in the course of their jobs, who have substantial discretion in the execution of their work” Examples are: Teachers, Police, the DMV, social workers

SLBs cannot write or change official policy!!
What is an example of a special privilege congress once had?
Insider trading was legal for members of congress, but a serious crime for everyone else
What is lobbying?
Occurs when government officials break the law as part of their job; examples: Corruption, bribery

Over $3 billion per year just among registered lobbyists
Implies an illegal quid pro quo system
Breeds corruption
What is important about Thornberry’s Interactional Theory?
1. Combined social control and social learning
2. It recognizes the diminishing importance of parental factors with age
3. Specifies separate models for different parts of life
4. Allows for reciprocal relationships
What is service rationing?
Long waiting periods – lesser motivated will give up easily

Queuing – Placing a priority (Police putting priority on violent

crimes over property crimes)
Controlling clients and work situations
Symbols of authority – we are trained to respect (police)
Client isolation – one at a time, as individual cases

Psychological withdraw from work – Just a job, you don’t really care about the results, withdraw so to not become too attached to results (no emotions)
What is Hagan’s Power-Control theory?
Girls are more controlled by parents than boys, especially by their mothers

Girls see their mother in a subservient position and model themselves this way (not being head of household, sticking closer to home)
What is Rita James Simon’s theory?
More freedom in all speheres of life after feminist movement leads to more opportunites to commit crime. Argued that women were simply encountering more opportunity for crime in their expanded roles in the business world
What do the socialist feminists say about crime and delinquency?
Women are controlled by their own biology, so therefore they commit crime.
What is Marxist Feminism?
Sexual division of labor
What was Stuxnet?
Virus created by US that attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities
How much is spent on lobbying each year?
$2.5 billion
What are some examples of international state crime?
My-Lai Massacre is an example of a war crime that the US did in Cambodia

Bay of Pigs - US invading Cuba
What are some examples of cyberwarfare?
Gmail Hacked
Stuxnet Virus
What is white-collar crime? What are the types of white-collar crime?
White collar crime affects many of us directly
It's difficult to measure
All of us are indirectly affected by WCC
Challenges the free market
What did RICO do?
It enables law enforcement to confiscate anything that is involved with criminal activity.
What is a “victimless” crime in latin?
mala prohibita
Which substance causes the most deaths per year (not counting tobacco)?
What is wrong with the term- "gateway drug"?
Most pot users do NOT go on to use other drugs.
What is the difference between drug-defined and drug-related crime?
Drug-defined: possession
Drug-related: stealing in order to pay for drugs
Why is legalization a problematic concept?
Who decides which drugs are legal / illegal?
Do we legalize possession only or sales too?
Does legalization apply to juveniles at well? If so, what age?
What regulations need to replace criminal laws?
What is cyberwarfare?
DDos - denial or service
Stealing identity o
How has the criminal justice system been characterized? (2 things)
Federalism based and an assembly line.
What can destabilize overly-rational systems?
What is backwards pressure?
The "good" thing systematically, when caseloads become fewer and fewer and the pressure is relieved.

What is forwards pressure?
More cases and the lack of ability to close a case - lots of resources are used.
What makes SLB's jobs stressful?
A lot of caseloads, demand ALWAYS outweighs the supply.
What occurs when caseloads become overwhelming for SLB's?
What is influence, peddling, and bribery?
using one's institutional position to sell favors.
Give two examples of client fraud
Medicare fraud
Tax evasion
What is the misappropriation of funds from a company called?
White collar crime
T/F: Since 1975, the number of arrests for drug crimes have tripled.
What is a therapeutic community?
Very expensive form of residential drug treatment,
When someone tries to steal your identity online.
Give an example of phishing
Who is Monk Columbo?
He was the first pirate
Why have album sales declined in the last decade?
Purchasing single songs online , digital albums, the used market - Youtube, google, sirius, pandora
When a government seizes a website, is there due process?
No, when a government seizes a website - THERE IS NO DUE PROCESS
What is the current copyright law in the USA?
Lifetime of the author plus 70 years.