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Applied Research
Scientific Inquiry that is designed and carried out with practical applications or goal in mind.
Pure Research
Research for the sake of advancing scientific knowledge.
Primary Research
original and direct investigation.
Secondary Research
New evaluations of existing information that had been collected by other researchers.
Internal Validity
Certainty that Experimental procedures did indeed cause the changes observed in the study group.
External Validity
refers to our ability to generalize the results of our study to other settings.

example = could we generalize our results to other classrooms?
If it tests the intelligence for all under all circumstances

- if a person's score on the same test given twice is similar.
Experimental Mortality
loss of respondents from comparison groups, which may occur when more than one group is being tested.
Experimental History
systematically defamiliarize and displace historical objects.
processes occurring within the respondents or subjects that operate as a result of time.
specific events that may occur between the first and second observations, may effect measurement.
Biological Theory
determination of human behavior, including criminality, are constitutionally or physiologically inherited.
Used by C.L. that criminals are physiological throwbacks to earlier stages of human evolution.
study of the shape of the head to determine anatomical correlations of human behavior.
classification of humans into types according to body build and other physical characteristics.
science of reading personality characteristics from facial features.
body type as soft and round or overweight
body type as athletic and muscular
body type as thin and fragile
Used by C.L. describes occasional criminals who were pulled into criminality primarily by the environment
"Behavior regulating chemical" low levels of neurotransmitter cause aggressive behavior.
Primary male sex hormone, its function is to control sexual drive, high levels of hormones led to aggression.
Human Genome Project
determining DNA sequence
Sociobiologists on Violence
believe violence comes from territory
Characteristics of a Psychopathic Personality
alert, friendly, likable, agreeable, trust, cant love
Signs of Psychopathy
bed-wetting, animal cruelty, fire-setting, sex assault, lying, sleepwalking,
Psychogenic cause of Anti-social Personality
Characteristics of Psychotic Individual
grossly distorted conception of reality, moods swings are inappropriate, marked eneffiency of getting along with others, cares only for themselves
Pleasure Principle, drives; wishes, urges, and desires
conscious mind, controls behavior and in touch with external reality
Mainly Unconscious; Keeps us on the straight and narrow