Sociological Theory Of White Collar Crime

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Register to read the introduction… He defined the white collar criminal as any person of high socio-economic status who commits a legal violation in the course of their business activities dealing with money usually. For half a century since, Sutherlands definition of the white collar criminal has been the subject of much debate and controversy. Specific criticisms point out his use of perceptions, principles, and terms that cannot be determined, such as high socio-economic status, respectable, and business activities. Despite fifty years of debate and study, no consensus has been reached. Defining white collar crime is a mystery that is hard to …show more content…
Two of the four studies identified the subjects as having traits related to egocentricity, while the other two identified traits related to recklessness. The results notwithstanding, there are other data sources that imply if personality is a factor, it is fairly insignificant. . Criminogenic is defined as that which produces or tends to produce criminality. The culture of capitalism tends to attract those with values, attitudes, and personality structures with a feeling toward different …show more content…
At midyear 2004, there were 4,919 black inmates per 100,000 black males in the United States, compared to 1,717 Hispanic males per 100,000 and only 717 white males per 100,000.
Prisons also spend somewhere roughly around $34,000 on each inmate a year, not including special medical bills, or death by lethal injection. The estimate cost for all of the inmates in 2005 was close to $1,830,582,402. That is 773 imprisoned per 100,000 population.
That is 0.773 percent of the population.
1 in 129 people incarcerated.

I think that if we took a good amount of money and spent it on counselors for the inmates, and send other money to schools. The way prisons are working now, its like there sheep herders. The watch over and feed the inmates but don’t try to help them, or find where there problems are coming from. When the inmate gets out he feels angry, and has more knowledge when it comes to illegal thinking and

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