Essay On African American Incarceration

The topic that will be discussed in this paper is the mass incarceration of African American males in the United States. However, before we can address the problem of the mass incarceration among African American males one needs to understand that mass incarceration is happening across the board for all groups in the United States. According to an article by Jim Webb, the US is only 5 percent of the world’s population but, this country now holds almost 25 percent of the worlds reported prisoners. So, going based off of that statistics it only makes since to say that the US has the highest rates of incarceration. Yet, out of a population of 2,220,300 adults who were incarcerated in the US, African American males make up 745,000 of that 2,220,300. …show more content…
(Facts, 2013) This money is coming out of your taxes and is being put right back into the system, a system that is racial bias to African American males. According to a report by The Price of Prisons organization this country spends on average $31,307 per inmate per year. (2010) If African American males are being incarceration at high rates with nonviolent offense, would you rather spend your taxes of keeping them in prison or getting them the help that they need? If African American males are giving the help they need instead of being incarcerated, crime rates will decrease. The United States justice system is failing all groups of people but not equally because African American males have the highest rates of incarceration. The mass incarceration of African American males just proves how racially bias the justice system is. African Americans have suffered a lot over the years in this country and this suffering still counties till this day with the mass incarceration of African American males. The question that keeps coming to my mind is how can a group of people who are minorities in this country have a higher chance of being incarcerated then Caucasian who are the

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