Summary: The Importance Of Budget Cuts In Prisons

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In the United States tax payers are ending up paying their taxes towards prisons and the prisoner with ending with budget cuts.Since this "Within the U.S taxpayers spend an average of $31,286 towards each prisoner"(unanimous}. This extreme amount of pay is helping keep surrounding areas safe and well kept but with budget cuts this won 't help. nearly every year taxpayers spend millions upon billions on correctional facilities. This budget cut isn 't helping tax payers at all because its just ending up making them pay more, and increasing more problems. This not solving either situation if this budget cut would end and tax payers still paying taxes towards prisons the problem would be solved. Taxpayers are already paying enough money on other …show more content…
These budget cuts are hurting the prisoners and the communities around the prisons "Budget cuts are eating away at a number of programs vital to the inmates ' rehabilitation and reformation, officials said, including education, sex offender treatment, and drug and alcohol treatment"(Gray). These programs are helping the prisoners a lot, and without them the prisoners wont get the proper treatment they need. There cutting rehab programs, that help addicted inmates get better, and get over there drug abuse. This means that there will be more sick inmates strolling around thestreets. This is bad for the communities around the prison, because the prisoners getting out will be the same person as they were in the begging. This is dangerous to let the prisoners out when there 's no change in them, prisons need to think about what this could do to the people. Prisoners should not be able to have a chance to make it back in the real world with any of these charges. Such as rape, murder, major theft, etc. Putting these convicts out on the street would boost up the crime rate, which the world don’t need …show more content…
One guard said "inmate overcrowding has made it difficult for guards to maintain safety in prisons"(Mann). Prisons are getting overcrowded more and more everyday, and there is already a lot more inmates than there is guards. The budget cuts are putting more prisoners in one prison, and releasing guards, which is not fair to the guards. This is making it harder for the guards to maintain safety in the prison. This also putting the guards in a dangerous position, because there 's even less of them then there was before. All these inmates in one spot isn 't good, they can be harder to maintain, and controlled. It is also putting strains on the staff, because they cant deliver the services to the inmates, because there 's just to many of them. There 's no supervision, prisoners will get away with a lot of bad things, that could be harming the other inmates. Wardens need to worry about having enough guards, so that no one gets hurt, or possibly dies. Guards are getting under paid as it is and now with there being less and less of them, there going stop caring about their job, and let the inmates get away with

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