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What is the main characteristic of reuse?
To minimise the extraction and processing of raw materials and the energy and resources required for recycling
State an example of a reusable system?
Door-step delivery of milk in glass bottles
Name a benefit of a reusable system?
Avoids the need for new packaging to be made
What are the disadvantages of refillables?
Require greater use of resources in their manufacture and distribution
What does recycling do?
Takes waste materials and products and reprocesses them to make something new
Why is recycling so important?
Millions of tonnes of waste are being disposed in landfill sites or incineratedThis has enviromental concernsThese resources could be used again
What are the 6 R's
1. Rethink,

2. Reuse,

3. Reuse,

4. Recover,

5. Recycle,

6. Refuse

Define - Rethink
Think about the energy used
Define - Reuse
Items that can be sold again or redesigned
Define - Recycle
Re-making a product into something else
Define - Repair
Fix items if they are torn or broken
Define - Reduce
Cut down on the number of items we buy
Define - Refuse
To not buy products which are not sustainably designed and manufactured
Describe a 'Recycling' cycle!!