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What is Biopol?
A trade name of the British chemical company ICI for the first fully biodegradable polymer
When was Biopol commercially developed?
Early 1990s
What are Biopol's uses?
Packaging - blow moulding shampoo bottles. Credit card replacement material
How is Biopol produced?
Biopol is produced in nature through the fermentation of alkalined eutrophus bacteria and other carbohydrates that are collected in their cells as reserve materials.
How can Biopol be stored?
Biopol is stable when stored in air and is quite stable when stored in humid conditions.
At what point will Biopol degrade?
When the polymer is exposed to micro-organisms found naturally in soil, sewage, river bottoms, and other similar environments.
What is the rate of degradation of Biopol dependant on?
Thickness of material and the number of bacteria present.
What is the key advantage of Biopol?
Biopol decomposes more rapidly without oxygen present; this is the case in most modern sealed landfills.
How are GM trees made?
artificially inserting a gene from one plant to another to enhance its biological characteristics.
What do GM trees produce?
higher yield of wood pulp