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What do CAD systems reduce the need for?
Traditional large and labour intensive drawing offices.
What are advantages of being able to transfer CAD files internationally?
The files can be sent to regions where manufacturing is inexpensive.

Designer can work from anywhere and confer with others globally.

Why is it good to use CAD and CAM together?
Using CAM allows the CAD machines to connect to automated systems such as a CNC lathe's or laser cutters.
How is speed increased when using CAD?
The designs can be altered and copied over and over again so new designs do not have to be made each time.
How do client and company relations benefit whenusing CAD?
Information and alterations can be transferred from person to person, ensuring the outcome is exactly what is required.
What does RPT stand for?
Rapid Prototyping
Name 6 reasons why we use RPT.
To test the following before final production: -







What IS RPT?
Layer by layer fabrication of a part directly from a CAD model.
Give 3 things that RPT does.
Allows traditional modelling methods to be done in just a few hours.

Shortens design & development cycles. Enhances design quality & accuracy.

Name 4 materials used in RPT.
RPT uses:





What is Stereolithography?
An additive manufacturing process using a vat of resin & a UV laser to build layer by layer.
What are SLA RESINS?
(SLA) Resins are liquid UV-curable photopolymers used in the sterolithography process.
What is RPT manufacturing?
Automated manufacture of products directly from 3D CAD.
Name 2 things which prototyping is useful for.
Useful for testing design & performance.

Dramatically improves communication as 3D objects are easy to understand in CAD drawings.

Breifly outline Virtual Modelling and Testing
The ability to represent an accurate 3D model of a product or component on a computer in a 'virtual world' without having to build a model.

Great advantage to designer and significantly reduces development times and costs.

What is the virtual modelling function named 'bi-directional parametric assosciation'?
Bi-directional parametric association aids modifications by causing the slightest change to a design feature to atuomatically change any other design feature linked with it
Give a feature/use of Computer-aided engineering (CAE)
CAE utilises computer simulation to analyse designs. It can determine, for example, wether assemblies fit together to the required tolerance and whether there is sufficient clearance between moving components.