Leonardo Da Vinci's Influence In The Engineering Field

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The power of being able to express one’s ideas is of the utmost importance in the engineering field. In fact this the one of the most powerful tools in every field not just engineering. This is seen throughout history. A perfect example of the magnitude of this powerful tool, is that of Leonardo Da Vinci. Davinci is a well known household name even today in the twentieth century, even though he was born 563 years ago. The reason for his incredible success lasting for centuries, was his artistic affluence , and precision. Leonardo Da Vinci was a master artist, even considered one of the best of all time, with his paintings being some of the most impressive and expensive in the world. Albeit his paintings were of tremendous importance in distinguishing …show more content…
Computers have revolutionized the process of inventing and engineering necessities found within everyday life. Visualization is far easier to do now with the power of technology than it has ever been in history. Notwithstanding however the need for the ability to express an idea instantly on paper with artistic flare and accuracy is still in high demand. Albeit there are thousands of engineers that can use the powerful tools of autocad and CATIA to render and create software images that are accurate and can be run through simulations as such. The engineers and professionals that have the ability to be able to communicate effectively on paper devoid of the use of computer technology are still in high demand. As this skill has an element that the computer software programs lack. This absence is the shortage of artistic perspective . With a drawing the creator is able to freely create what he himself is able to think and as such can make the image constitute the raw reality of the ideas and inventions that are being shown. On a computer however one is limited by the program itself and those limits. Of course even after there is an image or drawing created by an artist, there are simulations that are run, and there is a way to design the pieces that are manufactured on the computer, but that takes months and potentially years of work by a team of engineers that test efficiency , structural stability etc…. As humans are the consumers of these products as well, the product must in fact be ideal, and consumable by way of the consumer. Meaning that a product within itself can be useful and productive but nonetheless, if it is not aesthetically pleasing, consumers will not consume the product, wasting money and resources. An epitome of this

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