What Were Leonardo's Major Accomplishments

The Renaissance was a time of great change, and reform throughout most of Europe. It saw the emergence of many ‘realistic’ artists, humanists, and technological/scientifical advancements. Leonardo Da Vinci, was arguably the most well know painter and inventor of the Renaissance era. Leonardo was not just a simple artisan of the era, he was a deep philosophical thinker and was diversely talented. To some degree, he was ahead of his time, not only in his dramatic realism of painting, but also in his marvellous inventions, and futuristic technology that were well though out and architectured with an intrigued humanist touch.

Ever since a young age, Leonardo was known to be immensley gifted, being able to “set himself to learn many things” (p. 15). From learning arithmetic to the playing the lute, he was never a poor student. However, despite the advances he made at such an age, young Leonardo always went back to sculpting and painting. When introduced into Verrochio’s art school, he advanced dramatically learning many new techniques and soon becoming well known within the art world. Vasari remarks that while Leonardo and Verrochio were working on a painting, “he managed it so well that Leonardo 's angel was better than Andrea 's figures, which was the cause of Andrea 's never touching colours again, being angry that a boy should know more than he.” (p. 15). Not only does this show that Leonardo was profficent in the area of painting but was already better than his master who had painted and had more experience than that of Leonardo. Not only did he excel in at painting school, but also had many ideas
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Not only was he incredibly talented with whatever he put his mind to, but brought a long a new way of “curious” thinking to the fast evolving new world. Through all of his works, he was able to prove that he can change and even long after his death was mounred for

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