Sutherland/Engelbart Analysis

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Ladan Fathi
Writing Assignment 1: Sutherland/Engelbart
Question 1

Sketchpad is an evolutionary program that has many innovative features and capabilities that can help designers in various fields. Also, designing with the light pen is a natural way for designers for drawing a sketch due to the fact that it is close to the way with that they are familiar. Although it is a privilege, having an understanding of coding is not a necessary part of using the Sketchpad and it makes its usage easier. A user can draw the sketch directly on the surface of the computer that makes the learning process of using the system also the design process shorter.
Sketchpad can be helpful for architects and civil engineers. The ability to selectively erase the previously drawn sketches is advantageous in designing plans (Sutherland, 1963) and give the designer the possibility of making mistakes or changing the plan without the necessity of changing the whole drawing. By the same token, this feature can help them to design a new plan based on a previous one with the minimum of changes. This was not possible before this innovation by drawing the plans on the paper.
Moreover, the 3D version of the Sketchpad which is a totally new presentation of drawings can be very helpful for all
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Furthermore, the ability to keep the designs and copy them for several times suits the program for highly repetitive tasks like circuit designs or animation design (Sutherland, 1963). Additionally, its designs can serve as an input for circuit simulators (Sutherland, 1963). Likewise, the precision of design with the Sketchpad also the flexibility of the program for complex drawings are valuable in the aerospace industry (Brown,

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