David Steinlicht Analysis

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The agricultural revolution is what turned hunters and gatherers into farmers. It brought the development of villages and the ability to grow one's own food. Domesticated animals and specialized jobs also developed with farming. However it also brought disease and an increase in death. My thoughts on agriculture are very similar to David Steinlicht, it was a very important step towards civilization.

Jared Diamond claims that agriculture was “The worst mistake in the human history of the human race.” He gave multiple reasons for why he made this claim. Agriculture showed to be very bad for the farmers’ health. Hunters and gatherers diet consisted of variant types of foods, while farmers mainly eat a few starchy crops. These crops, like wheat
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Agriculture gave us the ability to grow our own food wherever land allowed. This gave us the ability to store excess food for harder times, have consistent meals, and the ability to stay in one area. With a consistent amount of food, people were allowed to expand their families leading to a huge growth in population. Because we could stay in one area, we built villages which eventually led us to civilization. It also put in place jobs and roles within the community. Jobs specialization made the village more organized and successful. This was because people could help in ways they were best at and not stuck with one role they weren’t succeeding at. One role that was developed was a leader, and without a leader civilizations wouldn’t be able to form. Agriculture brought the domestication of animals. This meant people could have a consistent source of meat and did not have to travel for months at a time. They also could have pets, a way to travel, and bigger animals could be used to move thing like building materials. Overall, agriculture developed society much like how it is today and was very important to the development of

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