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What does this symbol stand for? What does this organisation do?
What does this symbol stand for? What does this organisation do?
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management for the worlds forests.
Name six concerns associated with sustainable timber production?
1. Deforestation,

2. Environmental degradation of forest areas,

3. Loss of biodiversity,

4. Loss of cultural heritage of indigenous people, 5. Loss of local economies and livelihoods,

6. Climate change

What is deforestation and why does it occur?
The full scale removal of forest to make way for other land uses. Occurs because trees are being cut down faster than forest regeneration or are being cleared away for other land uses
What cause environmental degradation?
1. Soil erosion

2. When water from Rain fails to get to the Rivers

3. Micro-climate change

4. Polluted industrial air

What causes a loss of biodiversity?
1. Deforestation

2. Environmental degradation

What is lost as an effect of loss of indigenous people?
A history of those people and how they lived within the region
What is created due to loss of livelihood?
Significant social and economic problems as people are unable to support the basic needs of their family
How does deforestation cause climate change?
Removal of forests results in more carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere as forest usually play a major role in carbon storage.
Name three ways to encourage the development of sustainable timber production?
1. Don’t import from sources that involve deforestation

2. Import from countries with a supply surplus i.e. Brazil, Chile or New Zealand

3. Certification systems that ensure timber comes from sustainable managed forests

Name three ways to encourage sustainability in forest management?
Reduce consumption through education Encourage/ support countries to commit to sustainable forestry management Provide aid to poor communities involved in deforestation methods.