The Conclusion Of Bioplastic And Biogradable Plastics

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1. Introduction
2. About plastic
3. 7 Types of plastic
4. Plastic in the environment
5. Bioplastic and Biogradable plastics
6. Conclusion
7. Bibliography

1. From food containers to cars and from toys to technology, everything can be made out of plastic. Plastics are carbon based polymers (polymers mean something of many parts) mostly made from petroleum. There are approximately 100 million tons of plastic produced every year. Some people believed that we have entered the age of plastic. The word plastics means flexible so it is easily shaped. Plastic is very versatile and the word plastic means flexible and the word flexible says it all and the word plastic also meant pliable. There are 7 types of plastics and each type has
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High Density Polythylene(HDPE) is a low-hazard plastic and is often used in milk bottles and also in shampoo bottles and cleaning supplies. It has been found that estrogenic is released by this plastic like most plastics. This estrogenic ativity can disrupt your hormone system.
3. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) – This plastic can be flexible or rigid and is found in plastic toys, deli wraps and bedding bags. PVC has DEHP (phthalate used as plastic softener) and also contains other toxic chemicals. The phthalate is one of the gender bending groups and this chemicals is used to make male species female. This chemical also causes testicular cancer in the wildlife. Vinyl flooring in houses can cause a similar pattern of effects in the human body and it can increase asthma and allergies.
4. Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) - This is also a low hazard plastic. It is used in bags for newspapers, garbage, bread and frozen food. This plastic doesn’t contain BPA, but it’s also leaching estrogenic chemicals.
5. Polypropylene (PP) - This plastic is used in yogurt containers and also in takeout food containers. This plastic is tested to leach at least two types of
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Plastic products are being used everywhere for almost everything. After doing this task I understand more why plastic is bad for the environment because of the pollution it causes. I think more people and businesses should consider it to use less plastic products and to come up with something new in the place of plastic. People only think about how much money they are going to make with their plastic products instead they have to think of all the animals being killed with plastic and they have to come up with a solution to reduce the amount of plastic being used or thrown away. There are ways to make plastic environmental friendly but, even though they are environmental friendly they still cause pollution on some sort of way or they add to other problems like global warming. I personally think that the best solution is to stop using plastic or to make it less important by creating an alternative in the place of the plastic. Plastic are being used since the World War II and I think it is going to stay with as for the rest of our life’s because too many people depend on the sales they make on their plastic

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