Manchester United Dramatic Win: Champions League and The English Premier League

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Manchester United won the impossible dream by winning the English Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League in the same season. This was a dramatic win. This incredible victory was a combination of skill along with the great leadership and inspiration from the manager, Sir Alex Ferguson and the support from the fans. It was epitomised by the “never say die” attitude instilled in the team.

In winning the Champions League, which is considered the most prestigious club competition in world football, it was a personal achievement for Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United with a truly global impact. The build up to the final was sensational, but nothing could compare with the drama and theatrics of the final game played against
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Each win strengthened the teams resolve to win the next game, and this momentum continued. They eventually sealed the title on the last day of the season against Tottenham Hospur, winning the game 2-1.

Sir Alex Ferguson was one of the driving factors throughout the season, getting the most out of each and every player. He has been no stranger to controversy, his mind games; spats with referees and linesmen always raised questions. Despite being reprimanded several times by the FA, his respect and adulation was never lost or reduced in any way. His uniqueness of chewing gum to relieve tension, and looking at his watch to either signal time is up or to carve a few extra minutes to the game has been suitably dubbed “Fergie time”. All these eccentricities that he displayed, added a unique charm to his personality and to the game of football as a whole. His personal quest for Manchester United to win each of these trophies was incredible. Such drama along with his commanding presence and explicit passion has most certainly left a humongous void, and lack of sparkle to the current season.

The celebration that followed each win, that unbelievable season of 99, brought immense joy not only to the players and the fans but also to the country and it has left a lasting legacy. It was a celebration of passion, triumph and determination. Beyond the champagne, such a historical moment will

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