Essay on Handguns in America: To Ban or Not to Ban

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Handguns in America: To ban or not to ban.
Americans should be able to have, own and carry handguns if they feel the need to protect them. It’s a statement that is a topic of major debate and has been for years. There are proponents and oppositionists with regards to handgun laws and rights. Both sides have strong, seemingly valid arguments. In the end, we should have that choice. One of the strongest arguments for banning handguns: An increase in the availability of handguns equals an increase in crimes using handguns. “Handguns were used in murder more than all other weapons combined.” Page 75 (Every handgun is aimed at you) Josh Sugarman is for banning handguns arguing, the higher number of handguns, and the higher number of crime.
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Using a gun is more impulsive and successful than other means, but if someone wants to end their life, they will eventually, regardless of what’s available at the time. There is no way to accurately quote figures and statistics. Why? If the only numbers available are the statistics actually recorded, that’s all you hear about. Therefore, most of the information we hear is contortions of accurate data. There are too many unregistered (illegal) gun owners to accurately report statistics. We can read reports on gun violence and hear them on the news. No one reports about the guy (registered gun owner) that pulls out a gun and scares the criminal (would-be attacker) away and thwarts the attack. When you hear the news report of a shooting, and a gun is found near-by, how many times do you ever hear an update on whether that gun matched the ballistics test of the homicide from the previous news report? We watch the crime shows like CSI where in 60 minutes (minus commercials), we see a crime, perfectly collected evidence, alleged criminal captured, wrongfully detained, released, gun found (out of no-where), miraculously matches ballistics, is registered to the real criminal, real criminal confesses, and end credits. How often are guns “found”, and do the investigators run tests on every gun discovered? Do they keep the bullets pulled out of every shooting victim? Do they keep every shell casing found at a crime scene? What happens

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