Gun Control Persuasive Research Paper

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Omar Mateen, Dylann Roof, John Houser, Syed Rizwan Farook, Christopher Harper-Mercer and Aaron Alexis are just a few names of mass murderers who obtained guns legally in the United States. The Virginia Tech massacre sparked the idea of gun control. It has been a controversial issue in American politics ever since, yet Congress refuses to strengthen restrictive gun control laws. Although background checks have prevented 2.8 million gun sales to unqualified purchasers since the enactment of the Brady Bill in 1994, guns still sneak their ways into the hands of the deranged. Each year in the United States, the number of people killed by guns increases, with nearly 13,000 killed in 2015 alone. The numbers do not lie.The methods by which guns are sold, allows those who are deemed unfit to possess as many as they please, putting others at risk. Considering how deadly firearms have impacted our society, it is shocking to know that guns do not have one source of distribution. Because firearms can be acquired legally at stores such as Walmart and through gun shows, or illegally through unlicensed sellers, it is apparent that guns should only be sold by federal …show more content…
Those who wish to purchase a gun should receive extensive searches that touch his or her’s criminal and mental health records. Lastly, gun laws should be uniform throughout America to prevent anyone from legally purchasing one. All of these components could be incorporated into American gun control, if the responsibility of selling firearms were placed in the hands of the federal government; furthermore, only federal facilities should have the right to sell guns. The likelihood of error from the federal government would be small, diminishing the amount of unqualified people legally obtaining a gun and reducing the incidence of gun violence in

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