Divergent Book by Veronica Roth Essay

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Divergent Book Report
Beatrice Prior lives in a future version of the world. Contained in this world are five distinct factions which each value different characteristic. Each member thrives to be characterized by that trait or will be put at risk of being “factionless”. On choosing day, Beatrice chooses to ditch her Abnegation lifestyle for Dauntless, however, due to being a rare condition called “Divergent” should could have practically chosen any faction. While fighting to rank high enough in the various tasks Dauntless provides to see who is worthy of staying, Beatrice realizes one of the factions has gone rogue and is willing to do anything to gain power.
The novel takes place in a futuristic, Chicago like city divided up into five
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For example, Beatrice was willing to take Al’s place when Eric punished him by throwing knifes around him. She stuck up for him by stating “Stop it. Any idiot can stand in front of a target, it doesn't prove anything except that you are bullying us” (105). She is also very smart and can sense when situations go awry very quickly. She is able to react, make a plan, and execute it almost as fast as the speed of light.
I believe Jeanine Matthews would make a horrible friend due to her selfish and evil ways. She is willing to do anything to be powerful which includes creating a serum, injecting it into all the Dauntless members, and controlling their minds to kill all the Abnegation members to gain power and overthrow the government. She also attempts to kill anyone who stands in her way of gaining power, such as the “Divergents”.
I believe that if Beatrice had an antiserum to the mind controlling serum Jeanine created, she could have injected the Dauntless members in her dormitory with it, and could have saved many lives, including her fathers. This antiserum concoction would target the serum already in the blood stream and destroy it, allowing those injected to control their own movements and thoughts. Beatrice and Four could have had additional backup and help when making the dangerous journey to the control center. With this crew, Four would not have been captured and they could have made it to the room much faster, potentially saving thousands of lives of the innocent

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