Writing As A Routine Thing For Me Essay

958 Words Dec 5th, 2016 4 Pages
In high school, I excelled at writing, and my grades reflected that. However, throughout high school, writing became a routine thing for me. I would look at the prompt and begin writing. I was challenged many times but forgot why it was important to be challenged. To me, an academic learner is someone who challenges themselves in areas they already thought they knew about. Throughout this semester, I was forced to analyze why I was actually doing things and why I thought certain things. The commonplace book allowed me to reflect on what my main focus was on my works of writing and also how things can always relate back to each other, this probably being why one of tags I used a lot was reflection. The exercises and questions we answered on our blogs reminded me of the importance of being diligent in my work. It helped me really question my writing and forced myself to look outside of the prompt. I came into college thinking that I had all the tools I needed for writing and was forced to realize that even though I think I have learned all I can about writing styles and rhetorical situations, there is still much to learn. Even though I had the basics covered there were still so many ways I could improve.
My writing skills have improved because I have learned to look beyond the prompt. Sometimes I would wonder if things we did in class were really helping me, and it made me become uninterested. However, I can now say that those exercises are what helped me the most. I would…

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