Working At Academic Support Services Essay

1498 Words Nov 30th, 2014 6 Pages
Working at academic support services in York University, I once came across a family who was distressed about their child’s education. The student had experienced adversity during first year, which led to poor grades and as a result, unable to continue his studies, and jeopardized his student visa. The family vented their frustration, confusion and was overwhelmed by the situation. As I spoke to the student in private, he demonstrated signs of isolation, guilt, shame, and felt pressured to continue school. Through these interactions I recognized some potential symptoms of depression. First, I made an appointment with the family and the student to meet with my seniors. I assisted my supervisors with the assessment of his case, discussing potential interventions and liaised with the appropriate departments. During the appointments, I, along with my supervisors, utilized active listening, reframing, and goal settings skills to provide the student and their family tools to cope with the situation and put it into a different perspective. Guided by my supervisor, I continued to follow up with him to ensure his overall mental health and academic success. This included directing him to counselling and disability services, learning skills centre, self-help workshops, financial aid and other support services necessary. I was proud that I was able to make a difference in the student’s personal and academic development by applying basic psychotherapy principles. This experience is one…

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