Depressed Patient Case Summary

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In this report, we will review the case study of The Depressed Patient, writer Melinda Lee, who argues the ethnic rights of the patient who refuse life support to keep him alive. Mr.R.L. is an 80–year-old man who verbally expressed he would like to end his life by shooting himself with a loaded handgun. Although in his current condition, his medical doctor is aware of his full-blown depression, which his treated with anti- depressant medications. However, his health is declining even further after determined that R.L suffered a heart attack and needed dialysis three times a week. The patient expressed his refusal for dialysis and again directs his attention to the fact he would like to die. R. L still contemplating suicide, his feeling of hopelessness …show more content…
The patients not treated fairly the doctor needed to be reprimanded about the unfair treatment of the patient. R. L. had every right to make his decisions in his care plan. A resulting factor the doctor did not listen to what was in the best interest of his patient nor at any point involved the next of kin in addressing the care of the patient. ACHE state, encourage and participate in the public dialogue on health care policy issues, and advocate solution that will improve health status and promote quality healthcare (2017). One of the reasons all hospitals and health care settings are now required to inform patients of their right to have an ethical decision having a health care executive such as a POA or someone to dictate their wish when they were in excellent health and a sound mind. Also, ACHE makes a reference to the fact that the Healthcare Management Assessment Programs to continuing professional education in being able to handle the situation in society as a

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