Depression In Doctors Case Study

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Depression in Doctors Situation The depression cases in doctors have been highlighted by the increased cases of suicide among physicians. An article by Glases (2015) in the ‘’The Daily Beast’’ indicate that America is losing approximately 400 doctors to suicide every year. The young physicians in the early years of practice are the most susceptible and it is now clear that the medical education and clinical practice is not given the much-desired attention regarding psychological support. Depression in doctors is an important concern in the health care system. The physicians are involved in ensuring the access to health care for everyone, but consequently there are at the risk of developing stress and depression disorders.
The cases of depression in doctors are notable as indicated by Aguocha, et al.,
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Timeliness Gap Analysis Timeliness of care is a characteristic of the ideal health provision in which the doctor is supposed to offer services to the patients as fast as the situation needs. The urge to ensure timeliness of care is adversely affected when the physician is mentally disturbed as a result of stress and depression. In a study by Matthews, Ryan and Bulman (2015) on the patient 's perception of the waiting time causes, the clients cited physician related reasons as one of the major contributors to delays in treatment.
The study cited illness as one of the reasons doctors would delay seeing their patients and since depression is one of the sicknesses, it is, therefore, prudent to assert that the mental capacity of the patient significantly influences timeliness of care. An important cause of delayed patient 's treatment is the doctor 's absence from duty, and this may be as a result of work burnout and depression. Peterson, et al., (2011) in their study among female health professionals identified depression as one of the reasons for long-term sickness

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