My Grandmother's Life Analysis

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This paper will examine my grandmother’s life along with various factors that have directly impacted her life. One of the main factors that I will examine include the relationship between her diabetes and her mental health. I also will briefly explain the strengths perspective. I have included a signed consent form by my grandmother, the participant, in the appendix section.
My grandmother, Melissa Sant, was born and raised in West Monroe, Louisiana. She is a sixty-two year old Caucasian female. She grew up very poor. She lived with her parents in a small two bedroom house that her father built. She had four siblings that also resided in this house along with her parents. She informed me that she was the oldest among her brothers
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There are most likely many more that are undiagnosed. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States (Cummings & De Coster 2005). My grandmother suffers from diabetes. She was diagnosed in her late fifties. I will show the relationship between my grandmother’s diabetes and her mental health. I feel that my grandmother is suffering from depression due to a variety of reasons but primarily because of her health issues. My grandmother stated that she feels hopeless because of her health issues. She does not have insurance and is unable to get the proper medical treatment because she does not have the money. If somehow she was able to gain access to healthcare, I feel that this would ease some of her worries. I learned from the literature that depression can affect an individual’s overall health. This can greatly impact a person that has diabetes. Depression in fact is a risk factor for the onset of diabetes (Trief, 2007). This demonstrates how important depression is when dealing with individuals. Patients due to depression might not properly take care of themselves which then will affect their health. This can include eating habits, taking prescribed medicines, going to doctor appointments, not exercising properly, and by generally feeling …show more content…
As showed in the literature, depression can greatly impact her health. There is a high probability that this will cause her other health issues to worsen if not dealt with properly. I will continue to assist my grandmother with finding some health insurance that is affordable. I plan to pay for her health insurance as soon as I obtain employment. I just hope that her condition does not worsen before I’m able to assist her financially.
The literature shows that depression negatively effects diabetes patients overall health. Depressed patients are less likely to actively participate in their health plan. As stated earlier they might missed doctor appointments consistently, not exercise, not take their prescribed medications regularly, and have unhealthy eating habits.
Primary care physicians are suppose examine the clients mentally and physically. The research shows another area that is lacking for our elderly population. The primary care physicians according to research are failing to properly access their client’s mental health. In conclusion this shows that more social workers are needed to work in the geriatric

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