Why The Pharmacy Profession Is Not Just A Four Year Commitment

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My interest in becoming a pharmacist started after completion of Drug and Alcohol Pharmacology. Since then chemistry has started to have a reason to be learned in combination with biology. Who would have realized that a combination of drugs can create a synergistic effect doubling the potency of a drug? Or giving drugs in an order in which the first drug is to inhibit receptors that may be bind by the following second drug? To be a part of this profession originated greatly from self interest in learning more about pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. I wish to provide research in a clinical setting and direct patient care. I believe the pharmacy profession is not just a four year commitment to the program, but a life term commitment and my desire to be a part of the growth. Research contributions will advance the future development of the profession and improve future patient care treatments. My future goal is to become a clinical research pharmacist in the chemotherapy drug treatment. With a Doctor of Pharmacy degree I will be able to provide clinical research and help provide professional patient care. I am a first generation Hmong American college student and one in my family to first graduate from a four year college. As an undergraduate, I am part of TRIO and Upward Bound student due to my family low income. I also participate with International Student and Asian Student Organization and various other student organizations at Metropolitan State University. During my…

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