Personal Statement For A Career In Pharmaceutical Science

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We have an amazing power to impact this world through Pharmaceutical Sciences. New diseases are being discovered in different parts of the world, while present diseases like Cancer, Ebola, Polio and many more, still have no cure. But through pharmaceutical research and development, these illnesses may have viable treatments in the future. My desire is to be a part of this research, so that I can save the lives of numerous people. As the SURF program is intended for the students interested in pharmaceutical sciences, it will provide me a career building experience and will serve as a stepping-stone to my dream job.
I decided to pursue pharmacy to learn about medications and its affects on human body. Currently, I am pursuing the Doctor of
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From the internship, I expect to gain a lot of knowledge in the subjects like Pharmacology, Toxicology, Pharmaceutics and medicinal chemistry. This hands-on experience will help me retain more information, which I will use in later years of study. And this internship is the best way to evaluate what I have learned in school and what I need to learn more about. While working in the lab, I expect to gain expertise in working with the new instruments. The thinking that will be involved in assigned research project will further sharpen my critical thinking and analyzing skills, which will be useful during my PhD and throughout my Pharmaceutical research career. The career development workshop will educate me about the opportunities in research and prepare me to be an excellent candidate for future employment. And the seminar for research career will guide me to make sound career decisions. During the internship, I will also meet other students with the similar interests, so I will be able to gain knowledge from them as well. Moreover, I also hope to gain skills like communication, teamwork, professional etiquette and work ethic, which can usually only be developed through actual …show more content…
John’s University is known for its rigor. When the university offered me to be a part of Honors pharmacy program, I accepted it because I wanted to academically challenge myself. In the Science Symposium held in high school, I presented my research on “Chemistry of Pain medicines” to the Advanced Placement Chemistry and Biology students and teachers. I also believe that overall development is very important for a student’s progress. During the fall semester, I was appointed as a Social Media chairperson for Circle K International (community service club) and was the youngest student to be appointed as a pre- professional Liaison for Student College of Clinical Pharmacy. Also because of my dedicated community service throughout high school years, the Middlesex County awarded me with the prestigious “Caring Award”. While balancing all these involvements along with playing Tennis, I was able to maintain a GPA of

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