The Roles And Similarities Of Pharmacy Technicians And Pharmacists

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There are many positions in the pharmaceutical field, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists play two of many vital roles in this profession. Both career paths have acquired numerous years of training for the benefit of the patient's quality of life (pharmacy theory class notes, 2017). With that being said there are many factors influencing the similarities and differences between the two medical approaches. Not to mention the cruciality of pharmacy technicians alone in a community and hospital settings.

As pharmacy technicians and pharmacists work in the same environment they tend to share many similarities. The two colleagues work together to provide medication, advice and assistance to their patients. For instance, Standard 8 written in ACP’s
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NAPRA was created to ensure the protection for the public. As of 2007, NAPRA prepared the Professional Competencies for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians at Entry to Practice. (National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities, 2014. pg.1). NAPRA describes the roles and responsibilities of pharmacy technicians as regulated health care professionals. Ever since then pharmacy technicians have always displayed their use of knowledge and skills to operate in the community and hospital pharmacy settings. This allowed activities such as transcribing verbal orders, transferring prescriptions, and checking the technical aspects of a prescription (Ontario College Of Pharmacists, 2015). For instance, a pharmacy technician is answering a phone call, say the patient has questions about taking their medication the technician will thoroughly provide what drug dosage and route of administration is required. By doing so the pharmacy technician demonstrates a caring, empathetic, and professional attitude, which every patient desires (NAPRA, 2014. Pg. 10). Another reason why pharmacy technicians are vital in the hospital and community setting is because they’re always willing to go above and beyond their normal job description to offer help in other fields. An example of …show more content…
They share many similarities like mixing medication, medication, and weighing medication for accuracy. They cooperate together in communities and hospitals to ensure the safety and health of their patients. Although they work in the same environment the main difference is that pharmacists are supervisors to pharmacy technicians, which means pharmacists get the final say on everything (Alberta College of Pharmacists, May/June 2014. p.8). However, we all know pharmacy technicians are the backbones to

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