Why Is Abortion Inhumane

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Abortion is a procedure that has caused great controversy across the world. More than 40% of women end their pregnancy by having an abortion. This has divided the world into two sides: “Pro-Life”, believing that having an abortion is an ‘inhumane action’ and “Pro-Choice”, believing that this ‘is a right for women’. While women have their own voice to stand up for them, who is standing up for the human being growing inside of her? Pro-Life should be the only choice because abortion is an ‘inhumane action’ that allows women to abuse their freedom of speech. Abortion is the cause for the lost of innocent lives, internationally wars in countries like Europe, and is causing conflict of interest in the medical profession. On average 20 million …show more content…
The premise behind the new development is so that the baby will not feel pain during the procedure. If the medical community is acknowledging that a baby is capable of feeling pain during an abortion, then why are abortions still allowed? An unborn child should be viewed as a human being equally as the women carrying him or her. Once the baby is conceived and even though it is just a cell, it still has an unchanging genetic code that makes the baby unique. Why are doctors performing abortions? The Hippocratic Oath states “I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.” (NOVA PBS) If doctors are going to uphold their sacred oath, then Pro-Life must be the choice in order prevent any hypocrisy in our society. Science could not be clearer on this topic, even though this is an unborn human being it is still living, separate and, unique from the moment it is conceived. If the doctor is going to be concerned about a fetus being comfortable while they destroy its life, then what is the difference when inmates are administered lethal injection? Abort

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