Argumentative Paper On Abortion

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Abortion The topic of abortion has been an ongoing debate throughout the decades. The battle whether it should be pro-choice, or pro-life has been a controversial topic in many ways. This paper will highlight the different views on whether or not it is a good thing to some and why it is a bad thing for others. It will also highlight different aspects on why a woman has the right to her body and why certain viewpoints are against it.
Why is it wrong to have an abortion? Abortion is a broad topic and has been viewed upon through different lenses. These lenses include religious, political, and medical classifications on why it is wrong to perform an abortion. Through a religious view, mostly in a Christian observation, a woman is not
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When viewing a controversial issue, it is always important to view the other side of the spectrum. It is important to understand both sides of the argument to understand all the viewpoints of the issue. Abortion is acceptable to many people due to the reason that it is part of our civil rights, it should be the mother’s choice to decide whether they want an abortion or not, and lastly the population is increasing rapidly.
This side of the coin, abortion was set to be the decision of the mother or woman who is carrying the fetus. To a person who is pro choice the argument that relies on this view is that the zygote is not a human being and that it is not considered a real life. The argument is that a clump of cells isn’t necessarily a living life, instead just a cell. A person who is a pro choice would also argue that if a girl was rape she has 100% of the right to have an abortion.
Abortion is a right that many people fought to have it legalized. Though not every place allows an abortion many of the women who fought to have abortions still are looked as a role model to those woman who are not ready for motherhood. A woman can decide whether she wants to have a child or not, but the cost of a child here in the United States it is quite difficult, though there is government support. Through a pro choice perspective they believe that everyone is entitled to decide what they want to do with their body or not. By not giving the choice to a woman to
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In my stance though I believe that a mother should have an abortion before the 12 week mark if she wasn’t aware that she was pregnant. Through my eyes I believe that if it is to save a mother’s life, and if it a traumatic reminder of rape that a woman should be entitled to her rights. As a woman I wouldn’t want to be taken away the right to decide of my own life. Though I believe that a baby is a baby no matter what, I believe that their is always a twist to a belief. If a girl goes to a party and get pregnant, in a way I don’t believe that she should have an abortion, but then again as a society we are taking her right away to have an abortion. I do not believe abortion is the problem, but the consequences that will come along with having an abortion. Instead of bringing a child to suffer in this world, there is alternatives that should be done. For example I believe people should be educated in order to avoid a pregnancy, and even though birth control doesn’t always work, I believe having people educated since a young age about abortions and pregnancies would open doors to new

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