Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay

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I was born and raised in a small, under serviced community in Northern, Ontario called Muskoka. As a child I always had an interest in health care. Whether I was reading the oral pathology books of my fathers (a local oral surgeon) or playing doctor with my dolls and my fisher price doctor kit, I was always drawn to medicine and its ability to help people.

During my early years in Muskoka I was always encouraged to take a strong interest in the sciences, arts, and the natural world. I not only learned about my environment from living on the “land” but I also spent a substantial part of my life living on a boat on the “water”. Living aboard and sailing on the water, I found, was actually one of the best classrooms I could have
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As time came for me to initially pursue post-secondary education I was still wary about making a decision about what I specifically wanted to do. My closest childhood friend was confidently pursuing a career in nursing as a third generation nurse in her family, she has always inspired me with her career choice. I had interests and curiosities towards nursing and by exploring a career in

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