Becoming A Nurse: The Role Of A Nurse

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Nursing is a wonderful career to get into. Not many people know what a nurse does. They know broadly what a nurse does, but not exactly what it means to be a nurse. By talking to people and asking them what their opinion was of a nurse there were many different answers. When asking around one person said nurses take care of sick and weak people. Another person said nurses are the people that help aid the doctor. He went on by saying that nurses do not diagnosis anything or prescribe medicine. Although he was wrong with his answer he still showed he or she that not everyone knows what nurses do. There will always be different point of views of nurses either good or bad. No matter how you look at a nurse in the end everyone understands …show more content…
13). Later on in the 20th century they defined nursing in a way of what it is and the relationship between everything involved in the nursing outlook. The way people ended up looking at what nursing is changed when the world started to develop more. The definition became more broad such as its caring, an art, a science, and many more things. As one looks around at the world they can see the impact that nurses have on the society. Seeing what nursing does to the community and for it is a big reason the author would like to partake in a nursing career, but that is not the only reason at all. When the author was a child she wanted to be a veterinarian as she grew up things changed.
When deciding to go to a technical school or stay at a basic high school she decided she would go to the technical school in the clinical care program because it looked like it would be fun and very hands on learning. Not only did it look like a fun program the people in the program earned a lot of certifications by being in it. At the time the author did not know if she wanted to be in the nursing field or not. At the end of her junior year of high school she knew for a fact that she wanted to stay in the nursing field. She was intrigued by everything she had learned. She then began working in a nursing
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With doing this project the author saw all the variety of nurses there truly are. When doing this project, she chooses labor and delivery nurse, but when watching all the presentations she became interested in neonatal nursing. She still has not decided on which she wants to pursue yet, but she knows she wants to do something with kids. Whether that be labor and delivery, neonatal, or midwife. Being a labor and delivery nurse is when one helps with the birth of the baby. There is a team of nurses that help in this procedure. Normally this happens at a hospital. Sometime couples choose to have their baby at home, that is when a midwife steps in to help. A midwife is there for the woman throughout her pregnancy. She then is there for the birth of the child. Most the time a midwife helps the woman give birth at home, but in some occasions she has to help the woman at the hospital. Last of all a neonatal nurse cares for little premature babies. These babies are normally born

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